PV half

Stac and I woke up early to catch this GLORIOUS sunrise and cheer on Ant and Mike as they ran the PV half marathon! Seriously such an accomplishment. Lucky for us they happened to do that crazy twin thing where they wake up wearing the same bright orange shirts making them extra easy to spot! 
look at that belly!!

It turned out to be a spectacular day for a marathon. Not too hot, not too cold..and those PV cliffs were looking mighty fine! 
 I love marathons because of the full on people watching/encouraging you get to partake in! I love seeing the variety of people running and the determination on their faces to finish! 
 A great leader always leads by example...as you can see here. I've really been working on perfecting my running form and I think I nailed it in this shot. 

There was also a 5K and a 10K which made for tiny adorable children running with their parents which melted my heart and made me want to run out and hug all of them. 
HERE....THEY...COME...sprinting to the finish! BEAT THAT LADY!
Ant and Mike are such rockstars and it was awesome being there to cheer them on!!

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