noodle + chanie adventures

 Stac and Ant had a wedding to go to, as well as mom and dad...therefore I was left as the sole babysitter for little noddle chan! It was super hot out, so we made the most of our day walking to G&G's house, playing outside, cooling off inside watching big hero 6, and taking a nice bocha! We only had one incident (baby throw up on us both) haha but we survived the day and noodle was asleep at 7:30pm. I anticipated the fact that i'd be bored from 7pm-11pm while noodle slept, so I invited the homies over to hang out. best idea ever. So cheers to babysitting tiny humans and for learning more about motherhood than I ever thought possible. hah!

We hung out with G&G for most of the afternoon. Noodle ate cookies, played the piano, explored the backyard, and read through some old Japanese books.
Tiny baby shoes!
 Grandma made us bomb stuffed inari age that we ate for dinner!
 Maybe the next great pianist.
 After her throw up incident...noodle was happy and hungry to eat her chicken and rice...and to watch big hero 6 "Baaaa-maaaa" (Baymax).
 This girl loves her bocha bocha!
 Nomes, Kelc, and Emiko kept me company til Stac and Ant came back!  So blessed by these homies and their friendship over all these years. 


Yesterday one of my clients at work asked me, "So....what is...Easter?"

I was a little stunned by the questions thinking quickly in my mind, you know...scary Easter bunny in a mascot suit, pastel colors, hard boiled eggs, and cadbury chocolates... and I soon realized that I was trying too hard to formulate a well spoken "teacher" answer instead of just telling her the truth...Easter is about Jesus.

While this may have complicated things more...I knew God had given me an opportunity to bring things full circle; to connect things back to Christmas, the nativity scene, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus...and ultimately His miraculous incarnation which sits at the very foundation of who I am as a believer in Christ.

To paint a better picture of this than I ever could...here's an excerpt from one of the gnarliest books I read in college...On The Incarnation, by Saint Athanasius. 

"...As when a great king has entered some large city and made his dwelling in one of the houses in it, such a city is certainly made worthy of high honor, and no longer does any enemy or bandit descend upon it, but it is rather reckoned worthy of all care because of the king's having taken residence in one of its houses; so also does it happen with the King of all. Coming himself into our realm, and dwelling in a body like the others, every design of the enemy against human beings has henceforth ceased and the corruption of death, which had prevailed formerly against them, perished. For the race of human beings would have been utterly dissolved had not the Master and Savior of all, the Son of God, come for the completion of death."




Stac and I took the kids out on a field trip to Yogurtland the other day and i'm now realizing how much harder it is to watch 3 walking babies. Noodle and Cam have found their legs and are now starting to run around everywhere haha. Hunty was motivated by the froyo and was a good listener, even helping watch the little ones. There really is never a dull moment with these 3! 

 One of mom and dad's favorite restaurants in Nicks...and now that there is one in Manhattan beach we decided to go try their breakfast. Yummmmm. Their waffles were so so amazing and that potato brick I got was pretty flavorful. It's a fancy place for breakfast - but seriously worth it for that waffle!

It's hard to believe that it's already the middle of  March. In a few months Hunty will turn 4 (GASP!), Stac will have her baby, two of my roomies will get married, and we will be fully engulfed in summer. Time is seriously flyinnnnnn! 


sister date.

Spent the morning at MB on a sister date to eat at Uncle Bills and walk around the pier. The whole time I kept thinking "this is why we live in CA." This weather today was perfect and pair that with a delicious brunch and a cup of Two Guns iced coffee and you can call me one happy camper!

Stac is 6 months preggers which is crazyyy (time flies) and its so fun seeing Lenya noodle stumble around and get used to this whole walking thing! haha..before you know it there will be two little Madlangbayan girls walking around so for the time being we're enjoying having noodle all to ourselves.

Thankful to call this place home and to be so close to God's glorious ocean!