happy 9-months Hunty...countdown till you're ONE begins!!!
auntie loves yah. 


life moves. fast. and the beauty of photography is it can capture a moment...and that
moment can be seen and remembered years and years and years later.
I have no idea who theses people are. what they did or why they did what they did. 
but I can tell you that they have a story. 
and that these photos of them ooooze with character. depth. simplicity.

(all photos from LIFE magazine's photo archive. genius.)


I have a MAJOR blog crush on the Goodwins
I think they should have brought me along as a babysitter...



cat comes to visit: "active day"

CAT!!! she is a married woman now and squeezed out a weekend to come down
and visit us kids here at Azusa. I claimed Saturday "Active day" just for funziez.
welcome to our adventure...
these first few are from Friday. 
The beginning of our "Active Day"
step 1: skate 
step 2: bryan clay...olympian!!! 
step 3: watch our girl Kelsey run the 800...
she's a beast!! 
step 4: hike colbie trail to our favorite hidden meadow 

 "in da jungle, da mightyy jungle...the lion sleeps tonight..OHHHWEEEEE"
 H O T 
what does it mean??!?!?!
 "Morgann..save us" 

Cat. we love you. we love spending time with you.
we love the fact that you're married, live in SB...yet still find time to play with us.
see you soonzies :)