a busy weekend.

Its november 11th already?? It's almost 2014? Did 2013 even happen? 
This weekend was a busy busy one. Caught up with old friends, played some basketball, ate good food, had training at lululemon...etc.
sat morning I had breakfast with Stac and Ant. They made the famous north high saxon sandwiches...aka bagel with cream cheese, hashbrown, and ketchup. SO SO GOOD. It will forever be the most amazingly unhealthy breakfast. Worth every bite. 

This weekend I played in the UCLA nsu co-ed tournament with some of my favorite people- my yonsei team! (This is us eating at Fathers Office after our games saturday. To be clear, thats me drinking a rootbeer lol. I couldnt hang with the big kids.) We all became family when we traveled to Japan together...8 years ago (!!!!) and have since stayed in touch and played bball together here and there. I love these people so much. For some reason, when we get together, its like a 24/7 party sharing memories of when we were weird kids, all our trips together (Japan, Hawaii, sacramento, vegas, etc). We actually did pretty well in the tournament too, we won both games on saturday but then on sunday...
...we got punked by this mean team who kept being sassy on the court and pushing us over. hahaha. I got swatted by this 7ft guy (not nice!) and steph got tackled by one of the girls on their team. Needless to say, we lost that game lol and got 2nd place. not bad for all being out of shape. Regardless of the outcome, it was so fun being with my yonsei team again and playing bball with them. These people have a very special place in my heart -they truly are family!
after playing 3 games of basketball I could barely walk up the stairs, let along move my legs. I know you think i'm exaggerating, but I am literally in a lot of pain hahahah. But, despite the fact that all i wanted to do on Sunday was lay on the couch and not move, I had to go to lululemon training since I will be working there part-time this holiday season. They hired about 19 of us and put us through the ringer - 5hrs of training! I was so tired...but I'm excited to start working there so I can wear comfy yoga pants and ULTIMATELY save money for UGANDA! (For those who do not know, I'm going to Uganda in January!) 

ok. long weekend. but a good weekend. 

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