study break: photobooth style

came home this weekend for 1.Russ' bday party 2. Baby Hunter second baby shower (lucky kid)

 I really have a hard time focusing when my favorite "little kids" are running all over. 
today, after they came home from school, we spent and hour playing trivia games..such as trying to name all the countries in the world, state capitals, company logos, planets. you know the usual.

so yah.. turns out that when i'm with kids - I become one.

 these two are old. but they still crack me up!

from today...


DAY 2 Amsterdam (part 2)

Amsterdam was one cool city. very touristy, but the beautiful weather and cool sights made the crowds bearable. The highlight of our day was definitely digging into the famous Dutch dish - PANNEKOEKEN!
the dutch version on a pancake, BUT topped with things like ham+ cheese, bacon, apples, rum+raisin..UHHH YES PLEASE. definitely a tasteful experience.
lucky for us Amsterdam was a 2hr drive from Brussels. can you believe you can just drive 2hrs and you're in an entirely different country? ohh the beauty of Europe. 

the parking lot for bikes. uhhhhh ridiculous much?
 Roxy came along for the ride
 it was so hot. Dont know how these dudes we're wearing the puffy jackets but they were rockin it
 what i envisioned Amsterdam looking like (thanks to America's next top model)
okay this is soooo European. at restaurants, all the seats face outwards. 
it's like they know people love to people-watch so all eating places look like this!
 strategically cutting our 5 pannekoeken flavors to share.
 TA-DA! run raisin at the top, (going clockwise) lemon, bacon, apple, and ham+cheese
they have this maple syrup-ish stuff you can put on it...it only really tasted great on the bacon. 
the other flavors needed no help at all! ahhhhhh so good. 
 see us??
 europeans love to chill at parks. 
 cute couple on our way to the Vincent Van Gogh museum..which was awesome!
 this said: I AMsterdam. so clever 
 mr. style. I  realize its a bit creepy of me...all these pictures I have of strangers.
but eyy, i feel like that was the best way to describe a city like Amsterdam. know what i mean?
Such a great day in such a well know city. We headed for the 2hr drive back and stopped at Mcdonalds for some dinner. tasted like the states...besides the fact that they charge you PER KETCHUP PACKAGE. whaaaaat!? crazy huh. up next on the bloggidy: PARIS. 


DAY 2. Amsterdam

... aka the city with ONE MILLION bikes.
turns out they weren't kidding. 

notice the lady gaga + obama. that's right outside madame tussaudes famous wax museum.
 people get fancy with their bike get-ups. no joke!
 cutest biker child.
 oh you know, just taking the kids to school. no big. 
 like, really? 
 okay now THIS is skill. texting while "biking" hahahaaa
 my favorite biker of the day. 
 second favorite biker of the day.
 talk about excellent bike posture. 
 people it's brooke fraser! haha jk. but doesnt it look like her?
 can you believe it?
 the Vincent Van Gogh bike

and to end with one of my favorite photos ever taken (thus far)
i'm not sure why I like it. The way he's sitting? the light? the people in the background?
all I know is that right after I took this shot I knew it'd be one of my all time favs