videos that inspire me. shooooot.

I love film. 
and this is why...

1. Drawing apparatus. 
so weird. so great. 

2. the old man and the sea. I will do this one day.

3. North. one day...

4. Make it count. whaaaat a dreammmm...ahhhhh

5. lastly...NE BANCHO DANCHO. aka..random fun with the roommates.  THE BEST. 


G&G : a preview.

last Sunday I was able to attend a luncheon put on by
  AACCS (Asian American Christian Counseling services) in honor of my Grandparents...
who have a scholarship that they award to two students getting their masters+ degrees in some form of 
counseling, psychology, social work...etc. I loved sitting at a big table with my family. I loved seeing G&G. I loved the look on my grandpa's face when he handed the scholarship to the recipient. I loved being a part of an awesome organization doing amazing things for the kingdom. 

...more to come.


(her middle name is not Marallel. Its Elizabeth. But I call her that because she is a ridiculously good 
parallel parker. Its ridiculous. I have never...and will probably never...
seen anyone who can parallel park in 1.5 turns. its unreal.)

Remember when we first met freshman year? remember when we lived 
together all last year? remember when you always know what medicine to 
take, how long to cook brownies, and what time things start? remember 
how we're really really opposite but thats why we get along so well?

anyway..that could go on forever. Have a blessed birthday Morgs. 
love yah!

photo: circa....2009/10. freshman year. felt like ages ago...

Well folks...here we are. the crux of my Junior year in college. The most important week of this semester is ahead of me and i'm one huge ball of nervous/anxious/terrified emotion. Thats the bad news. The good news is that I am not here to get straight A's, or impress anyone by my writing capabilities, or to become a mathematician. The good news is that in 9 days I will have survived three whole years of college and will have sweet sweet summer to look forward to. The good news is that God is sitting on His heavenly throne cheering me on. The good news is that I am getting an education and am growing so so sooooo much. 
The good news is that there is A LOT of good news :)

cheers to summer... see you in 9! 


what I watch.

Just stumbled upon this one on youtube and it is amazing. This little kid...with that voice..WHAAAAT! His face in this..priceless! 

I have been listening to this song on repeat for the past week. "your love has ravished my heart and taken me over...taken me over...and all I want is to be with you forever!!" AMEN.

Morgann shared this video with me...and I cried! hhahaa. It's about a boy with one heck of an imagination...and it is too precious! AHHH!!

gotta throw a Jon Acuff in there...this video is long. but hes really funny "prayer shot-block" hahahaa

Kari Jobe...shout out to Auntie Jill for sharing one of Kari's songs with me this morning...then I kept watching a bunch and thats what really sparked this post. haha. "you are faithful and... I will find you when there's nothing left of me...when I am weak...find you on my knees"

also..shout out to Cat over @ Cheer Up, Clam  for always posting hilarious/awesome
videos that inspire me to do the same.


some more dreamin'

As mentioned before...I have weird dreams.

This morning I had coffee with my good friend Abbie and I like to tell her these dreams of mine.
I was telling her about the 3 part dream I had last night that involved things such as: working at a church in South Africa, not being able to take a boat over to Pakistan because I was a Christian, and selling flags with Korean students in China. (I am not kidding you) I woke up this morning and immediately typed out my dream on my phone...and the weird thing was...was that this story was spilling out of my brain without me even thinking about it. It was like someone was saying it for me and I was just typing.

CRAZY. I know. I promise i'm sane people. To make me feel better I decided to read some of Jon Acuff's writings. He's a Christian blogger that runs a well known site called Stuff Christian Like. It's a satire blog and I find it HILARIOUS. He just recently posted the "10 most popular SCL posts in the last 4 years" which is a culmination of his greatest writing that are ridiculously funny. Anyway...you should read them all. especially "saying 'I'll pray for you' and then not" ...."the Jesus Juke"...and"Running into famous Christians (aka the Michael W. Smith incident"

I like Jon because he is weird, hilarious, writes like hes talking to you, and makes me feel less of a crazyyy-lady by the way he expresses his thoughts through creative writing and it's genius!

anyway. have at it.

Random photo of the day. (I cannot post without a photo..its just not complete) 
sissy and I @waikiki two summers ago? For other sissy's bachelorette weekend.


a day outside.

 Photoshoot time! 
Mom wanted to get some shot of Hunt-man outside...in his famous outdoor hat and
ADORABLE shirt given to him by yours truly (from London) te he.
introducing...the many faces of Hunter Minh Komae...
 loves walking with Nana. 
 ...and uncle D. 
(notice it says "amie" on it....hahahaaa. which means "friend" in french. youre welcome)
 the neck rolls only a Komae would have.
 playing on penny. 
 atta boy
 this will be a classic. Especially when he makes the NBA..?
 a true basketball head. 


T O D A Y.

"The good news is not that there is no pain or death or sin or hell. There is. The good news is that the KING himself has come, and these enemies have been defeated, and if we trust in what HE has done and what HE promises, we will escape the death sentence and see the glory of our liberator and live with HIM FOREVER."
-Piper. God is the Gospel. 

Todays motivation...it's beautiful outside...and all I want to do is sit in the sun and read all of the books on my book list. But alas...I am here, staring at my computer avoiding the papers due, project to work on, vocab to memorize. But the good news is that there is a KING who is sitting on His heavenly throne so in love with me that I cannot even fathom...and there is so much in this life to be thankful for...and school is a blessing not a curse...and He has given me this day to glorify Him, to deny myself and to follow Him in all that I do. Thank you Jesus...for you are the good news :) 


a much needed breaky.

Spring breaky 2012 was a complete success! 
Lord knew I really needed a little break from school...so I was blessed with a few 
solid days at home to celebrate Sissy's engagements, 30th birthday..and mom's 55th birthday.
Then I headed back to school for a day of duty (woo), met up with some friend...and then headed down
to San Diego for the end of the week. The beauty of spring break is..well..its a break. the hard part is..
is that its such a tease! But..summer in less than a month away..YEEEEE!!
Here's the Hunt man with his great-grandpa whom he calls "baaa-paa" 
spend a lot of quality time with this kiddo over break. MUCH NEEDED. 

went to stacked for Moms birthday! 
spent a lot of time being weird with the cousins. 
watching his (and my) personal favorite...sesame street songs. 

and off to the roots!

the whole crew (minus momma root who is taking the photo)

my first taste of lamb..AHHH (mom you would be proud). I must say...that mint
jelly was something else (see top left corner..haha)
beauty..pure beauty.
Easter brunch!
Natijane and Anneke
Marty is a lucky man.
who's ready to find some eggs? (p.s highlight of the weekend..i loved feeling like a little kid again hah) 
being weird on the cliffs. 
nati's homeee. 
AHHHH...thank you Jesus for the beautiful friends and family that I got to spend Easter with :)


spring breakyy: preview.

spend the end of my spring break in the BEAUTIFUL Sandiego (Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach...etc) 
with the Roots!! Loved every moment of it...more pictures are coming soon. 
I loved just being in the sun, seeing the ocean, chillen and eating amazing food...
and being surrounded by incredible people who LOVE the LORD!!!! so blessed. more to come :)

for now...It's back to reality. back to chapel, classes, papers, research, residents, meetings...AHHHHHH

top pic is of the crew: anneke, liz (natijanes sissy), natty sue, natijane, me, marty (bf) and his roommate Chris...
and this bottom one is of us on Easter Sunday..Anneke, Natijane, me, and Natty sue :) 



cant let the poster cover the tv...
waiting to surprise stac...
showing the bros. 
I spy...the rock
Zoey loves her gnome.