oh boy oh boy!!
yesterday, while I was running around in 85 degree Santa Barbara weather setting up for Cat's wedding, I received the text that baby boy had come into the world! So after one crazy fun wedding, I drove home today to visit this little kiddo. So here's the first of MANY MANY pictures of Hunter Minh Komae!


so lately...

...I have been soaking in this relaxing SUMMER lifestyle!
this weekend I spent a lot of time with the Sibs, walking around ALL over the place with Jen trying to get this baby OUT! He is just trying to make things more exciting considering that I leave for Cat's wedding (in SB) the end of this week! All i'm saying is he better come in the next few days or we all might go a little crazy. The excitement is too much for us Komaes. we're not quite sure what to do with it. haha. and on top of all of it, like I mentioned before...my lovely friends Cat and Trevor are getting married THIS FRIDAY...and then a week after that I get to be reunited with my favorite OJAI FAMILY!

so sayonara for now... next time i'm here I better be posting about a BABY!
(photo: huntington beach. taken on my iphone)


disclaimer: sorry if you do not like feet. this might not be the video for you.

fancy feet. from amie faith on Vimeo.

the best things about this video:
1.we were bored. it just happened
2. the mysterious cheerio that appears and then gets stuck to my feet at 00:25..hmmm
3. K.dress' ankle braces. classic.
4. hangin with my fav kids. 


we have fun.

we really do. have fun. 
it was just like the good old days growing up.
running around playing with dolls, stuffed animals, and pet hamsters.
except we've now traded all of that in for christmas lights, tri-pods, feather earrings and crazy hair.

needless to say, our last night in Belgium was so SO much fun.
we took a cue from a few people we saw in London and tried out our own "light writing"...hahaha that made for some precious moments. haha. anyway, we miss you over here Banksons! 
and thanks for introducing us to speculous (sp?)  because all I think about now is, "oo that would taste good with speculous.."


Baby shower - part 1!

So although I missed Jen's first baby shower (I was in Europe) I made sure to take this family baby shower allll in :) Mom ordered food from Auntie Faith and Jen's Auntie Swan helped plan games. 
baby Hunter...we're ready for you!

baby Brynn came out to play!

baby Tenley is such a cutie! 
 Jen and her grandma. 
 Reedie Dani and Kac

monkey face. 

as tall as the present? 

i mean, look at this face!

all of our lovely family and friends that are just so excited to meet Hunter boy! 

playing the string game. 
 silly Dani
 crazy baby shower games haha
 mom and Brynnieeee!

okay so for some reason my computer is hardcoreeee lagging. 
I have a few more pics from the shower that will be up in a few.
and i still have a few more Europe posts left :) 


london days 2+ 3

okay, so come day 2 in London my camera was killin me. Joel is a heavy fella and I had to give him a break. So the rest of these are from my powershot camera and i must say they still did a prettty good job capturing the essence of London townnn!

so our plan for day 2 was to have a good old English Breakfast..yummmm. 
oh and how could we forget..CATH KIDSTON! 

the typical English Breakfast: beans that taste like spaghetti-o's, sausage, bacon, two eggs, and a tomato! I must say it was soooo delicious..mmmhmmm. 

okay so here is Cath Kidston. aka, Tori's heaven. hahahaa just kidding.
but really, we went a little crazy here. mostly because they have such cute stuff! 

next we went to Camden...sort of reminded me of Haight street in San Francisco. This place was so cool. haha Emi and I bought blue and pink hair extensions, we saw a lot of crazy looking people, bought some cool rings, feather earrings...you know, London stuff. 

okay now, this was by FARR the weirdest store i've ever been in. I can't really explain in, all I know is the music was ridiculously loud, the people had tattoos all over and crazy hair, and it was just overall..weird. but so funny! hahaha

Russ and Jen..this is the lady who made the shirt for HunteR!
 london eyyyeeeee
 mmmmmm found these lovelies on the bridge going to see Big Ben :) 

 Ben in the blur. 
 typical London picture. 
 the place where we thought we saw Nigel Lythgoe..the guy from So You Think You Can Dance. haah
 Les Miserables in London! 

creepy empty "tube" 
 so we're still on day one people...we ended our long day at the Westfield mall, aka the nicest mall ever!

so after dinner at the mall, we headed back to Emi's dorm to drop off all our stuff and decided to head back out to see London at night :) 

Okay so nowwww finally we are on day 3! aha. all those previous pictures were from our second day in London, such a long day but we not only saw so much, but we had so much fun adventuring around!
day 3 we headed to Portobello road before we had to head off to catch our train back to Belgium.

Here is Emi and her yummy parfait for breakfast. 
 Notting Hill!!
 okay this was awesome...I saw a real life Banksy..ahh!!
 Portobello road was so crowded, but so awesome. I think I could have spend a whole week just looking through all the antiques they had there. Old cameras, pots, pans, jewelry, you name it! 

Wow, can you believe we got to do all of that?? Pretty amazing.
I really loved London, and had so much fun running around such an iconic city.
definitely have to go back there one day :)