Dear Camsta,

...Breakfast with you and Ai in Pasadena was so great :)
I love how we always manage to squeeze in a little Amsta + Camsta time in between your busy life in DC and mine at school. I think you're just the greatest and I am so stoked for you and your adventures in JAPAN! wahhooo! So cheers to being friends since we were little tots...and for many many more years of catching up and laughing about how much we eat and how dorky we really are.

love you. have a safe flight and i'm gunna expect you to blog about your life in Nippon! 


walkabout...the details.

Upon arriving home from walkabout, I've been doing a lot of thinking.
There is a lot that happens when you are in the wilderness for 10 days...and I don't want to forget what God showed me and what I realized! So here is just a list, of things I grew to appreciate, moments I don't want to forget, and reasons why the wilderness was an experience unlike any other...

1. a toilet is no longer a toilet, but a glorious invention that saved us from having to dig holes with a "dookie digger" for the rest of our lives.
2. the sun is the best, most accurate clock you could ever have.
3. God can teach you a lot when you shut-up, sit down, and listen. 
4. powdered milk is NOT the business.
5. There is something beautiful about sitting around a camp fire hearing people tell their stories. Whether short or long, deep or silly, it's what God intended for us to do. To share our lives with one another.
6. Mosquitos are the spawn of Satan. (i'm just kidding. that's an exaggeration. but they come close.)
7. I have a new found appreciation for CLIF bars...for they were the only food I had for 48hrs of solitude.
8. nature is ridiculous. There is no way I am doubting the power and majesty of our creator God when i'm staring at a backdrop of thousands of trees, mountains that are never ending, and a purple sunset unlike anything i've ever seen. wowsa.
9. a cold shower is like HEAVEN after being dirty for 10 days. 
10. simple is beautiful. 

There is so much more that happened and that I could talk about. But i'll leave it at that for now. 
on another note, our Resident Life (reslife) theme for this year is : CHOOSE JOY.
I'm so pumped to see what this really looking like lived out...choosing Joy over stress, tiredness, selfishness, insecurities, fears...and even happiness. Joy is eternal because it comes for the Father. It's honest, and fulfilling, and an amazing reminder of our own weakness and our reliance and dependance of a greater God! so choose joy people! 
p.s aren't these foam fingers sweet? reslife had them made of all of us..in teal and orange. haha I can't wait to wave them at my residents faces, or at cars as they drive into school..so great!


life in U.P

 This is my home!
Welcome to University Park...my home away from home. 
We're lucky enough to have a huge field in A court...and a pool in B court. LOVE IT.
After walkabout, our staff has been having a lot of meetings, lunches in the cafe, and playtimes with our RD (Resident Director's) kids. It's been so fun getting to know these beautiful people and I am just so excited to minister and live in community with them! So introducing...UP staff '11-'12...

 This is Nati Jane and Kyler...our RD's kid. PRECIOUS!
 and ladies and gents..this is Brayden. The smartest kid you will ever meet. He will school you on any Bible story, can recite the presidents by looking at their pictures, and is so much fun to run around with. We're going to be great friends. 
 see what I mean?
 photo cred: Nati Jane
 Brayden and his best buddy Colton
 APU brochure anyone? 
 So Brayden had the boys act out the story of Jesus. He said, 'Colton..you will be Jesus because you have long hair." hahahha so great. 
 And this little cutie is Kyler! AHHH! he is so sweet!
 this little ladie is the youngest of Kelly's (our RD) kids. She just waddles around with her little legs..aaahh! Her name is Niyah. 
 mahhh gurl Nati Jane! We we're friends last year and God has really brought us together this year and I am stoked to see where He takes our friendship! Love you lots Nat. (p.s best nail polish..ever!)
 Megan O'Brien everyone! This girl is an incredible singer, and such a joy to be around. 
 Colton, Nati Jane, B-man, and on the right is Kaitlyn..she is a doll! 
 my favorite hipsters. 
This is Kelly..aka the man in charge! He is such a great leader and "boss".
I am so thankful for his position in this living area and for allowing us to be a part of his life and his families life. He is a great man of God, so encouraging, funny, and honest!

My staff has been such a blessing so far...and I really can't wait to see where this year goes! AHH! 
The Lord is so great, and this week is full of more meeting and logistics. You can be praying for continual enthusiasm and readiness for our residents to come. More to come!


walk it out.

This is where is spent 48hrs of solitude with the Lord! Well not this exact spot...that's coming later...but this is Chittenden Lake, the final destination on our Walk about trip. GET A LOAD OF THATTTT VIEW!!!! incredible ehh?? This photo was taken by Mike Yuen, one of our guides who is a professional photographer. He asked that we not post it on facebook or anything to keep it profesh, but I couldnt help showing it off to all of you and i'm hoping he doesnt mind the 11 followers that I have (haha) seeing it. 

anyway, It's been non-stop since getting back from Walk About and I have so much to share...but for now this is just a glimpse into what life was like in the wilderness. I'm off to another staff meeting and will post ASAP!


i survived.

yes people. I'm back...and I survived!
10 days backpacking in the wilderness might be one of the craziest things i've every done...but what's even crazier is i'd do it again in a heartbeat. What made it worth it was the fresh mountain air, seeing some of the prettiest lakes i've ever seen, living in such raw community, and experiencing the simplicity and stillness of the voice of God...WOWZA.

we woke up at 5am to drive back to school this morning..and I am POOPED. I'm about to shower up, take a quick nap, and then i'm off to dinner with my walkabout team for our final celebration.

I can't wait to show pictures and tell stories and lalalalal...but as of now just know we all survived, the Lord is good, and it was an insane trip!


preach it brotha! 

Ansel, Res life, and 10 days without a shower...

YUP. you heard me. 10 days with NO SHOWER.
Into the winderness I go people!!!
This Monday I will be venturing off into the Ansel Adams Wilderness (see map below) to experience 10 days in the rugged outdoors with a 100 or so of my soon-to-be closest friends. I mean, how can you not love each other after seeing everyone at their worst/dirtiest? 
I get the chance to be an RA (resident advisor) at school next year, and this is the first step in the process. It's called "walkabout"...this wilderness adventure, and every RA survives it before they can officially begin their duties. Am I worried to only have 2 pairs of undies? YES. Am I afraid of smelling like a rotting tomato? YES. Will my hair be extremely gross? YES. Will I have to carry a 30lb pack with all my stuff in it on my back? YES. Will there be 48 hrs of solitude where we cant talk to anyone...and get to experience true nature with just us and God? YES. Am I stoked to dive into this insane trip into God's creating...YESSSSSSSSSSSS OH YES!

I'm currently stressed right now. because I have to pack everything up and move back to school Friday. Then leave Monday at 5am for Walkabout. But hey, how many people get to live 10 days with Ansel in his wilderness? yup. so thats it for now. You can all pray that we get their safe, that our guides can keep up on the right paths, that we stay healthy, and that we have an uhhhmazzzzzing experience in the great outdoors!

talk to you on the flip sideeee. 

ps. all these phots were taken off google. 
I hope it looks this pretty in person! 


what a dream.

that time I saw mick fanning...

The US open of surfing is happening this week at HB...check it out HERE
it's pretty sweet knowing that a world class surfing event is taking place right on our coast..love it!
headed down there with DQ earlier today to beat the crowds, and to get a decent spot in the sand to watch some surf. The weather was beautiful down there today, and although we left before Kelly Slater and all them got to surf...I did walk by Mick Fanning...WHATT WHAAT. ya. I know what youre thinking. who is mick fanning? haha. He's basically a sweet surfer from Aussieland...whose wife is so cute and has a wedding blog called the LANE

anyway...no one really noticed it was him besides me. probably because he was so chill and looked just like a normal...person. I think thats what I love about all of this. Being outside. seeing the waves. watching people who love to surf. knowing life is chill. great stuff ya know?

all I gotta say is...i'm getting on a board sometime this year. 
and here are some pics I found on the US OPEN's website..sahhweeeeeet.