random favorite iphone memories

I just cleaned off my iphone photos and found some gems
here are a few of my favorite memories from the past few months!

 When Abs and I visited Cat for a weekend in SB!
 lunch with my ladies in Kari's beautiful backyard
 one of my besties Anneke and I on our couch aka "napster" for all the delightful naps I took on it
 Things got pretty weird towards the end of the semester...marg and meg lol!
 I miss the library already! At this point graduation was still not guaranteed..haha 
 classic coffee will always hold a special place in my heart
 Out for katelyns birthday! the ladies + Brad...the best haha! 
 an incredible row of women. 
 camping...classic Kimi and Amie time 
 last few days in the house...roommate sleepover in the 100 degree heat! 
I love everything about this photo. 
 one of the best ideas we have ever had...Santanas Burritos THEN DRIVE IN MOVIE. glorious. 
 Drive in summer nights!
 One of Hunters favorite play spots
 roadtrip friends! and boba! the best combination 
 loved spending time with this girl!
The past few months have been nothing short of adventurous... I love all these sweet memories!



ahhh...I love summer. I just got back from a quick trip to Carlsbad to meet up with a few of my college roomies and we were definitely feeling those summer vibes. We went to the beach, ate ice cream TWICE, watched the Katy Perry movie (actually really good), went to the outlet mall, and caught up on jobs, wedding plans, families, boyfriends, trips, etc. I am so blessed by these women and I love that the Lord gives us tiny moments to reconnect :)

LA adventures : Runyon Canyon

 so...growing up right outside LA you always see photos of people (especially celebrities) hiking the famous Runyon Canyon, a short hike right in the middle of LA. A few days ago Emi, Kumi and I decided that it was time to try out the hike for ourselves. Our duty as LA citizens haha. We met up at 9am and were on our way to LA when we stopped and said..."wait, why are we going now when its 80 degrees outside? lets go to see the SUNSET." BEST. DECISION. EVER.

arrived at Runyon at around 530/6pm and hiked up in time to rest and wait for the sun to drop.
heres our adventure...
 we came prepared with sandwiches..which turned out to be pretty hilarious considering most people
use Runyon as a work out hike...aka everyone up at the top was sweating, drinking water, staying 
focused on their intese workout...while we were grubbin in sandwiches. LOL 
Runyon was awesome. In my opinion, its the best view of LA. Even better than Griffith park...
because it is a massive view of everything...and its not blocked by any buildings or rails.
such a good hike! 


currently: favorite videos

Now that I have an Ipad and a fully functioning computer that plays video...I'd like to share with you a few gems I have found via internet lately...

First off, Dorito hilarity. LOL the best line... "a tiny blanket" 

Next, Christian comedians are the best. Introducing..."average"

seemingly normal video until...

and shout out to one of the best bands to ever exists...S CLUB 7



Being an unemployed post-grad sure has its moments of freedom and fun... but i've found it also really hard to get a job, find a consistent schedule, meet up with busy friends, etc...and i've come to a point where Jesus is really holding all the uncertain pieces together haha. I've been trying to stay positive with regard to the job market and I know the Lord will bless me with work eventually. Definitely learning some patience! But here are a few things that have encouraged me lately...

 sis and I were able to go to the young adult group at calvary friday to hear Ant speak on the 
workings of the Holy Spirit. It was so refreshing to be back in an environment with young, 
passionate, enthusiastic, Jesus-loving 20 year olds. Not to mention I found my new favorite
worship song "sovereign over us" which I have been listening to on REPEAT allllll day. 
 I'm encouraged by my loving parents who have graciously let me move back home (thanks
to the history my older sibling have had). My parent feed me, ask me about my days, they dont
stress me out too much about finding a job, yet they always push me to strive for more. 
Thankful for all the time I get to spend with them. And did I mention all the food?
 Jon Acuff is the man. Creative, funny, wise...I was reading up on his blog last night and 
came across this post it he wrote to himself. couldnt be more ON POINT. Thank you Jon
for encouraging young adults like myself who sometimes want to strive for things that dont
make sense to the rest of the world! And more Jon...
Thats good. thats real good. In the midst of difficulty...we can be reassured that we have a 
God who makes all things beautiful in His time. Or rather a quote from my favorite song that
I mentioned above "what the enemy means for evil, you turn it for our good - for your glory!"

encouraged to avoid living a boring story. Nobody want that. 
I'm learning to embrace the simplicity of post grad life. 
and I'm learning patience and diligence and dependence all along the way. 


you know youre home when...

...you see more lei's than you do graduates!
Congrats to Kacie and Michelle for graduating h.s!
in typical Komae fashion we made pretty subtle signs
beautiful beautiful haku head lei 
the smell was amazing! lei's for all her friends
I remember when some of my college friends saw my h.s graduation pictures they
could not believe all the leis around my neck! Lets just say its a cultural experience!
Kac is off to U of H next year (aloooohaaaa) and Michelle is off to L.B state!

*side note: I cannot believe this was me 4 yrs ago...whaaat!


you know you're home when...

**I decided to start a new series of posts called "you know you're home when..." after realizing that being home is A LOT different than being at school haha. I absolutely love being back with my family and friends...but there are certain things that happen at home that just make me laugh, and help me realize that, yup, i'm home

so, first segment of -you know you're home when...

...5 kids are packed into Auntie Jody's car watching Emperors New Groove
while waiting for the restaurant to open
when ample amounts of Hawaiian Sun appear at every meal
 when the dinner table looks like this
 and when they have loco moco on the menu - my fav!!




Made a stop by Pittock mansion...aka this rad old house on top of a hill that overlooks downtown
I met Lauren last fall, we were on the same Mexico team and became fast friends
she is such a joy to be around and was such a hospitable host for us in Portland! 
typical Anna!
Last meal at the Kresta's before heading to Washington! 
the weather in Seattle was B E A - UTIFUL! 
met up with some friends in the city 
After a day in Seattle we headed East to Moses Lake, our final stop! 

And...that about wraps it up folks! I absolutely loved spending time on the open road with Anna and Meliss...they are two of the most joyful humans and I was so blessed by their conversation and company. Cheers to roadtrips, friends all along the way, and adventure!