another great weekend.

As the holidays approach...the weekends keep getting busier and busier! 

 ^^ It started off with our traditional end-of-the-year-birthday-dinner with the family. Now that we're all a bit older, Mom and Dad treated us to dinner in celebration of the birthdays that fall towards the end of the year. We ate at Yanagi bistro and of course, got dessert after. Its crazy to believe that in a month or so we will go from a family of adults + one child....to a family with 3 little kids running around! I cant wait!

^^I am so THANKFUL I got to see my high school best friends this weekend. Asami and Alli were down from SF so we all got together to catch up and celebrate Alli's 23rd bday. We never cease to have a good time when we're all together...and we were joking with Asami's boyfriend Danny, "sorry Danny...it just gets kind of crazy when we're all together. No one knowns when to stop talking" hahaha. true story!  The best part is that these girls LOVE Christmas time and the countdown to our annual Christmas party begins! We have a potluck, gift exchange, and this year we're all dressing up as random Christmas themes characters..haha its going to be hilarious!

^^And Lastly, my dear friend Amie Soares (who is my twin on earth) was the photographer for Katelyn and Bradley's wedding last month and just posted a whole bunch of incredible photos on her blog!! I especially love this one of Kate and I on the dancefloor...I think it explains our relationship perfectly :) Check out AMIE'S PHOTOS HERE!!


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