life on film.

some of our very talented friends put together a short film about our Football team and
our head coach. Its a beautiful thing to see whats happening here on campus...check it out!


yesterday we said goodbye to our doggie Blue Dot Harley Boy Komae. 
I pretty much grew up with Harley and get choked up when I think about him now..
my sissy wrote an awesome post over at her blog -->> MRANDMRSMAD
and her post pretty much sums it all up. 

R.I.P Harley Boy we miss you a lot!!!! 


life in the nest.

we have arrived! This is real life people...and the house of all houses is beginning
to come together. So far...7 of us are here. We have been unpacking, cleaning, organizing all
of our stuff to work together under one roof and it has been a crazy few days. 
 Anneke showed up last night to stay for a few days before she heads out to our school's
High Sierra program. We're sad she wont be with us first semester...but we are already
anticipating when she comes back to live with us :) 
 We've been nailing things to the walls...trying to figure out what goes best where!
Lucky for us..we all have similar styles and tastes in decorations.
 last night Megan, Katelyn, and I made our first dinner at home. Pizza and roasted veggies...
told you i'd be eating well this year!! 
 we're all readers. and are soaking in every second of down time we have before the
craziness of classes being. Katelyn is reading Harry Potter. I'm diving into Unbroken.
haha...this was the other night. When we had just moved a huge couch and were trying
move boxes around to organize the place. I love the ladies!

today we got our cable and internet installed. 
we have a fridge put in.
saturday our washer and dryer come.

P A R T Y. 


present from sis-in-law!
this marks the last day of summer folks. well, sorta.
technically school doesnt start for another 2weeks or so...but tomorrow
I am moving in to the HOUSE!!!! I am unbelievably excited. 
my heart is full knowing that I will be spending this next year with 8 of my 
favorite ladies with hearts so in love with Jesus!

anyway. summer has been such a blessing.
time to move in! 

a day is Pas.

about a month until sissy get married!
celebrated the countdown with a day in pasadena. 
(it was hot hot hottt)
Even little Kenzie joined the party!

 loveeee this mirror. 
 Kenzie (Kenzo benzo) is just the cutest
 spicy eggplant YUMMM
 brown rice!
 BOMB. whoaaaaa.
 Stac and Stac
to top off the day we ended with a batch of delicious macaroons. 


my sister is getting married.

In about a month...my big sista is going to be a wifey. WHOA. 
this past weekend...we celebrated this season of wedding bliss with the most lovely
bridal shower at our Auntie Steph's house. (She is definitely blessed with the gift 
of hospitality!) It was a beautiful (and hot) afternoon. we sipped tea, ate ridiculously
good food, and got all excited for Stace and Anthony to be married.
cheers to marriage!
 major props to Auntie Julie+crew for hand making each of these! 
 the beautiful Kenzie! those eyes!
 hair styled by: Rylie
love this one of mimi!!
 the bridesmaids: me andy christina jen bride rin lisa and denise! 
ahhhh best way to end a long day.