Hunter turns 4!

Four years ago (May 27th) I was wearing a pretty purple dress, worrying if the curls would stay in my hair, and standing at an amazing venue in Montecito, CA for my dear friend Cat's wedding! I remember the day vividly, not only because of the incredible Wedding celebration but also because that same day I received word that my first nephew, little Hunter Minh, had come into the world!! 

Cat and I joke that I'll always know the exact anniversary she's celebrating because I just have to look at Hunter's birthday cake. It's a very special memory I hold on to, and Hunter has really come into this world and changed us all for the better. He really is a spit-fire and this year he made sure I knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday: A cape, a magnifying glass, and plenty of surprise boxes (a youtube phenomenon).

Grateful to have this little cape-wearing 4 year old in my life!



^homemade apple tart! Seriously the easiest/most impressive pastry recipe ever.
^^every Thursday we have dinner with G&G and its become quite a fun tradition. We usually eat something soft (for G&G's teeth) this time around being buta (pork) tofu. The kids have their seats at the table and Camden always holds hands with Grandpa when we pray. so cute. Thankful for house full of a lot of love.

^^Park time with the kiddos. I grew up playing at this park so it's a pretty nostalgic place, and the best part is - we can walk there! Cam and Len are at a fun age now where they can climb all over the slides, stairs, and also enjoy the swings.