lately i've been realizing how truly blessed I am to have some incredible friends. I guess when I went off to college I knew id make some new friends here and there...but little did I know God would set up a gnarly group of people to do life with...people who are radical and adventurous and so spirit led. People who are hospitable, hilarious, so real and raw and crazy and strangely beautiful all at the same time. Its like we were once all tiny fish in a pond together (that pond being APU) and then one day (graduation) we were released into larger waters (real world) where some of us stayed close and others swam far far away (Haiti, CO, WA). Yet theres a connection that goes deeper than being in the same pond with someone, or sitting across from them at starbucks, or going Christmas shopping with them. Theres something crazy that happens with your true friends...like you know you're both thinking of eachother and youre both praying for eachother and worried about eachother at the same exact time. And when you talk on the phone its like theres not enough time to talk all you really want to do is scream and smile and hug them! HAH. All I can say is friends are fun. and they are from Jesus. and they are the best.

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  1. You have beautiful friends because you're a beautiful friend, Amie.