the past few days have been GO GO GO. 

started off with a trip up north to visit the beautiful Forest Home Ojai Valley.
camp program is officially ending and although the camp will still be used (a lot) this is the end to a great chapter...and a chapter that I was able to be involved with for 2 summers. Foho holds a very special place in my heart and I am so thankful for the long summer days I spent working there with some of my favorite people! 
i'll miss these sunsets. 
j bird
campers! Pre-meeting dance party. the best
the one and only Deanna Hart. One of my dearest friends from camp. 
 Then...I headed down south to MV to visit this kid on his 21st.
 His home has been our "summer home" and we all had a blast in the cuzzi, 
beach, watching the olympics, and playing with his gopro. 
 then...I headed down even further south to SD for to celebrate Natijane's 21st! 
isnt her anthro dress killer???
 how beautiful is this set up? 
 love this chicka!
 last stop...making homemade ice cream with the Banksons. 
I always have a good time with them :) 

well...time for another jam packed week.
only a few more weeks until I move back to school. 
soaking in all summer has to offer! 


DAY 3 of VBS
speed bumps + recreation 


DAY 2 of VBS
tiger face


DAY 1 of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at GVBC

squeeze 5+ kids in a hula hoop and they go crazy. 
playing with double exposure.
the best.

1. Chicago city line + wild south bay sunset
2. fourth of July shenanigans + manhattan beach beauty 


city conquered: LA

Emi and I have conquered many cities.
although we've conquered places like Brussels, London, Paris, etc..
we decided it was time we spent a day in our native LA.
we came to a conclusion that in LA...the food is good. the stores are inspiring.
 the weather is hot. and the street art is rad. the end. 

 lunch at Alcove. the best. 
 what we like to call "donut onion rings"
creepy art man.
 last stop: mochi icecream in jtown. 

Thank you, LA. 


how could I NOT share this. its genius. pure genius.


the Rice wedding.

This weekend:
Headed down south to meet up with some friends before the Rice wedding! Taylor (the bride) was on my staff at school this past year and it was so fun watching her plan her big day...and let me tell you...It turned out to be an FABULOUS wedding!
This wedding is going down in the books.
A beautiful venue. 150 amazing people. a gorgeous bride. a snazzy groom. and a 3hr dance party. 

 The wedding took place at these unreal lavender farms...
 ridiculous view! 
 bradelyn and I. 
 whats a wedding w/o a photobooth.
 the weather was perfection. 
 time to party

Congrats Buck and Taylor Rice! You make an amazing couple!

all photos were shot on my powershot camera. Unfortunately, I didnt bring Joel. I wanted to...the view was incredible and there were so many things to shoot..but I figured I wanted to enjoy the wedding and not worry about carrying a heavy camera around. 
so these will do!