^homemade apple tart! Seriously the easiest/most impressive pastry recipe ever.
^^every Thursday we have dinner with G&G and its become quite a fun tradition. We usually eat something soft (for G&G's teeth) this time around being buta (pork) tofu. The kids have their seats at the table and Camden always holds hands with Grandpa when we pray. so cute. Thankful for house full of a lot of love.

^^Park time with the kiddos. I grew up playing at this park so it's a pretty nostalgic place, and the best part is - we can walk there! Cam and Len are at a fun age now where they can climb all over the slides, stairs, and also enjoy the swings.



In the midst of deep sorrow, I see your light is breaking through. -Kari Jobe, I am Not alone

In the midst of chaos on the East coast, devastation on the other side of the world, sickness, death, and a lot of darkness in recent days...i'm reminded that we served a God of light, of love, of redemption, and mercy....and we serve a God who is the savior of all sin and darkness. His light is breaking through the rubble...and life is beautiful because of Him.

Personally, I'm deeply saddened by all this mess in the world...but the paradox is there is so much goodness around us still. So much to be thankful for. I'm holding on to these moments and thanking the Lord for his work in all of creation. Life is not perfect, this world is clearly so full of sin...but the good news is that we serve the maker of all eternity. For that I am thankful and for that I find peace.


devastation in Nepal.

7.8 magnitude earthquake hit not far outside the capital, Kathmandu. With the death toll 2,500 and rising

Many of my friend from APU have close ties to the country of Nepal after countless trips there on missions teams and other project work. Hearing the news yesterday was truly devastating and its hard to know what to do in these situations...thousands of miles away in the safety of our homes in CA. Its a paradox i'll never understand.

Prayers for this country, these people, and the road ahead. May the deep wounds of this nation be healed with the power and strength of our the Lord Jesus Christ.