His little feet.

Today at church the international childrens choir His Little Feet led us in worship. These kids were from Ethiopia, India, and Haiti...wearing their traditional cultural clothes and singing their hearts out to the King. All I kept thinking while listening to them sing was...This is the Father's heart. 

This is the heart of God on display. His children, from every nation, every tongue, every tribe...shouting His praising and proclaiming His truth in all the land. The Love of God is real people, and these children have humbled me and reminded me of how faithful our Lord is...and how he has never left us...and how he will never forsake us.

Never once did we ever walk alone. What a gracious Father we have!


tiny humans.

Camden "Camburger" - turns 1 on Sunday!
Lenya "Noodle" - turned 1 December 15th
Hunter "Minyah" - 3.5...4 in May! 

smells like campfire.

sleeping bags
flat ground
cozy socks
ocean views
more smores
clear skies
old friends

I call that : a good weekend! 



Hunty is 3.5 years old now and when he was playing with the tiny Japanese food erasers in my room the other day I snuck in a few snaps of him. He is the funniest little kid I know... wise beyond his years and full of witty commentary to go along with every life event.

The other day he walked into my room and said, "Bon bon, why is your room such a mess?? You really need to put your toys away." And today when I took him to Walmart he said, "okay so after you buy your things we really need to get me a new minecraft toy, okay?" Sometimes I feel like i'm hanging out with a bossy teenager, and then I remember he's 3. This kid is something else I tell ya and seeing him grow up is one of the greatest joy in my life!