K O N I C H I W A.

Today Chiaki and I had our last lesson together. It's hard to tell...but she's actually 8.5 months pregnant in this photo so thats why she has to stop tutoring for now!  Japanese moms are seriously amazing. They always look so youthful and cute despite a huge belly or crazy kids running around. I feel lucky to learn from them and help their adjustment to the states! Chiaki is such a sweet and easygoing lady who loves when I recommend new restaurants to try out (Chick-fil-A, Snow Monster, Roscoes, Aloha pizzza...etc) and just received her pregnancy yoga certification, which I learned is totally a thing.

Anyway, i'm so thankful to work with such genuinely nice people who are all so unique in their own right. The extrovert in me really has a field day when I can talk to clients about how they spent their weekend, or what their favorite travel destinations have been, or how their toddler is doing in preschool. And what's even crazier is that all of my clients were born and raised in Japan so they've really never been exposed to church, or God, or really any Christians...ever. Because the style of tutoring I do is very conversational, I find myself bringing up topics like Christmas traditions, my Bible study on Wednesday nights, praying for good health, or finding a Christian husband (which all the ladies get a good laugh out of). But even the basic things like the symbol of the cross is new to them. One of my clients wears a cross necklace so I asked her about it and she said, "oh I have no idea what it means! My sister just got me this as a gift so I wear it."

Helping these clients learn English is great and rewarding...but the real kicker is knowing that for the first time in their lives they have a Christian friend...someone talking to them who knows the stories and the love of Jesus Christ - that really gets me. And to top it off my dear friend and sister in Christ, Kelcie, was recently hired to work at the same tutoring center so we are doubling the Kingdom work there! AMEN!


worship 365.

In college I stumbled upon this blog... worship project 365... created by an artist who dedicated 1 year to creating a visual typography based on a worship song everyday. His work is rad and i've been using it for my computer and phone screen savers ever since. Just thought i'd share the goodness!


recent places with rad people

love these places. & these people.

Krochet Kids HQ, Costa Mesa
On The Alley, Santa Barbara
Paradise Bowl, Manhattan beach
Blacks beach, Torrey Pines 
Wind and Sea, La Jolla


Santa Monica for a cause.

On Sunday the fam and I spent the day in Santa Monica for a cause that hits close to home. We were participating in the LA Heart Walk (American Heart Association) in honor of our Uncle Dennis who passed away last year from Heart disease. We walked along side many people who have lost a loved one to Heart disease (which is the leading cause of death in American for both men and women) and it was a blessing to support a cause that affects so many. 

The walk took place right on the pier and went through third street and around. Most of us socal people have spent plenty of time in santa monica but rarely do we ever have a chance to walk around and explore on foot *everyone is always driving* and the weather happened to be beautiful on Sunday so it was quite glorious! 
stroller gang.
 After the walk Kris had told me about this place called Philz Coffee (a branch from San Francisco) with a famous Mint Mojito iced coffee. AND WOWIE was it amaaaaazing! I'm not a coffee snob really, but this was some darn good minty delicious creaminess. Anthony's response when I told him to try a sip was, "wow this is wonderful" hahahaa. 
new kicks. 
 I am very blessed by the siblings God has blessed me with and I love when we all get to spend time together...whether thats shopping or eating (usually eating) we are lucky that we truly enjoy each others company  *also how cute in Camden in this pic?? sheeeesh that smile!*
 I believe in this picture D was saying to Hunter, "stand still and smile and i'll give you a lolly pop!" The only way to get this kid to stand still these days is to bribe him haha.