favorite videos.

I love when I find rad videos on the web. Here are few of my recent favorites.
I aspire to be all of these people.

^Mom and I watch the voice every week and when Craig Wayne Boyd sang this song last week I think we both stood up and started cheering like we were watching his concert. ha! The best part was when Pharrell said, "how does it feel to be at the top of your game - and to surrender it all to God in front of millions of people?" WOW. needless to say - I hope Craig wins the voice!

^I found this video on my favorite art website (this is colossal) and was in awe of this man's craftmanship and literally perfect paintings on these Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Its mesmerizing watching the wood spin and be cut by one tiny touch of a blade. SO COOL. 

^For those of you who haven't seen this yet - my bro in law Ant was a part of this incredible work of art. Its truly beautiful when the gopsel meets talented artists and powerful storytelling...things like this are formed. Every line of this poem is so captivating. Encouraging yet haunting all at once.

^Vimeo is such a well currated place for videos and this one hit the nail on the head. Samaritans purse has their hand in every disaster that strikes, and this short film really paints a beautiful picture of when its like to engage with the people youre helping and find out about the hobbies that keep them smiling - keep them unified. 

^this one just put a huge smile on my face ahhhhh! This video was made by Hurley, and all I know now is that I need to go meet this kid.

いきましょう!- lets go!

Welcome to the life of Amie-Sensei! 

Last week I had the opportunity to host a three-day english class for 18 Japanese clients. The tutoring company I work for usually does private tutoring lessons (one-on-one style) but we got hired to host a group class and we decided to jump on the opportunity with hopes that this type of program can become a regular occurrence! 

I was a bit nervous for all the small detail to fall into place (also there was a 100% chance of rain one of the days which was a real bummer) but thankfully I had an incredible team to work with and my boss ended the week by saying this project was a 200% success!! HA. take that rain! 

And to me...the craziest part of all of this is how fun it is to spend time with new friends from across the world. The blessing of living in LA is that I don't have to travel far to be emerged in another culture- beautiful!

^we were lucky enough to meet at the Marriott conference rooms which made things feel 
super legit haha! 
^the goal of our classes was to get the students to "break their shell." All 18 clients work in the
computer science/engineering field so they were all pretty shy! This is them playing 
family feud hosted by one of my fellow instructors -traci mats! 
^last group photo at the mall!
^also did I mention 3 of my dear friends were able to teach along side me! Emiko, Kelcie and Trac!
These girls were such amazing teachers and became quick friends with their groups!
^farewell party! They gifted the teachers with matcha green tea and thanked us all of helping them with their English. What really stood out to me was what Masaru said (guy on the far left). He said something along these lines, "I've traveled to many countries. 11 exactly. In every country I have visited people have been nice and understood my English - but this was the first time someone really helped me by correcting my English. Thank you for helping me fix my mistakes. I appreciate it!"

I found that to be pretty cool! 


thanksgiving 2014.

O come, let us sing for joy to the Lord,
Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.
Let us come before His presence with T H A N K S G I V I N G. 
psalm 95

^tiny Lenya Jean and a huge turkey. *her first thanksgiving! 
^This is my client Jiyoung and her family. They were so impressed by G&G! 
^One of our guests Kanako made these adorable panda onigiri! 
^its not a Japanese American thanksgiving without some sushi! 
^Yuma, Jiyoungs son, and Russ lol! 
^Cam's first thanksgiving too!
^how cute is this bunch of kiddos. Hunty, Cam, Lenya, Yuma, Miu, and Momoko!
^it was truly a blessing to have these guests at Thanksgiving!
^Cam really stole the show!

Praise God for a night of family, new friends, delicious food, and quality time being thankful for all we are blessed with. I think thanksgiving is truly one of the greatest holdays!



Kenichiro, Kanako, Momoko, Jiyoung, Katsu, Yuma, Miu, and Koji! 

This thanksgiving was definitely something special.

here's why:

I've been tutoring Japanese clients for about 5 months now and from the first day I stepped into the office God's spirit has been very evident. During my first few weeks tutoring the Lord had spoken to me saying "invite them to Thanksgiving." The idea sounded fun, because my clients are genuinely awesome people, but a few doubts started to creep in my mind...Wait whaaaat Lord? Who? Really? Isn't that weird though - my clients at my house. What if they don't even want to come? My big family might be too much for them. How would I even ask them? lalala...

I knew God was asking for my obedience in this small act of invitation. I realized that as humans, our minds stay hooked on temporary things and we easily run to the nearest excuse of why something is too risky, or uncomfortable, too full of rejection, or too overwhelming - but God is simply asking us to obey His commands and He will do the rest. This was that moment for me.

And Praise the Lord because we had 5 adults and 3 kids join us for dinner and it was quite possibly my favorite thanksgiving ever!! They were all able to experience a somewhat traditional American Thanksgiving feast and be a part of the crazy-hospitable-group-of-people-I-call-my-family. wow.

I just wanted to share this little blessing from today and will be sharing more pics later. But all glory to the Lord for the way He orchestrates situations to occur that are more magnificent than we could ever dream up. Small acts of obedience and faithfulness truly echo into eternity!