little free library.

We love taking walks around the neighborhood...especially to visit the "little free library." How cute is it?!? Hunter gets so excited to return a book and pick out a new one. Cam and Lenya are at the cutest age now where their personalities are really starting to shine through and they love doing everything together as cousin-twins.

Praise God for such nice weather. Amazed that the kids get to go on such a nice walk each day!


a weekend in WA

 Over the past few years i've developed a special love for the Evergreen state. It seems like i'm there at least once a year (i.e previous trips 1 2 3 4 5 ) and despite the cold rainy weather i've grown to love the great state of Washington.

This time around I made a special trip up to visit a few of my favorite people. The weekend was jam packed and I flew home Sunday at midnight pretty pooped from squeezing out as much time in each day as possible - but I wouldn't want it any other way.

^^7:00am flight, ample peoplewatching, good book, coffee : this might be my favorite situation. 
^^First stop: ANNA! My college roomie, roadtip buddy, the most kind, humble, selfless woman I know! The timing of this particular meeting was totally from the Lord. Anna's hometown is 3 hours away from Seattle in Moses Lake. She just happened to land a job in the city a week or so ago and quickly moved into town...just in time for my trip up.  Of course our first stop was starbucks.
^^meeting Adelaide!!! WOWOW. When your college roomies have babies thats when you know some time has passed since you were all crammed into an apartment together eating mac and cheese and watching shows on Hulu. Morgann and I lived together sophomore year and she is one huge reason why I always find myself in Washington! She was married 1.5years ago and now has a beautiful baby girl named Adelaide...how incredible is this child?!?! Squeezing her for the first time was just the best. And Morgann, being the amazing housewife and host that she is made us BLTA sandwiches nomzz.

^^Anna and I, when we were in college, always ate little caesars $5 pizza. When we drove past one on the way home we kind of took is as a sign from the Lord above. That crazy bread though.

^^Anna's amazingly cozy house.
^^Saturday morning Anna and I cruised around to check out Golden Gardens park. 
 ^^We then headed to U Village mall next to UW where Anna found this incredible coat that i'm sure was made for her specifically and yet had the price tag of a small car... so sadly, she had to pass on it. 
 ^^oh ALSO can I mention how I was able to see this chick?! Lex goes to school at SPU and we have a running joke that every time i'm in Washington - she's not there! Except this time I was able to catch her and we got nachos on friday and met up at the mall on saturday.
^^WELP this is just the craziest pic in my life. My world 100% collided in this moment and I love it! Charissa, Maddy, and Sydney (on the left) were my roommates in Uganda. They're from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Washington. Anna was of course my college roomie, and Lexi and I met back in high school at church camp. Amazing that all these women were in the same place at the same time together!

 ^^Kale salad...so PNW.
 ^^epic stranger photobomb. 
 ^^view from the space needle at night.
^^So the last time Charissa, Sydney, Maddy and I all saw each other was 1 year ago in Gulu. We've never seen each other outside the red dirt, beans, and rice so being together all clean and dressed up was such a kick! Sydney is an incredible chef and always cooked for us in Gulu...so having her in an actual kitchen with fresh food was a dream come true! Sunday morning she made us hashbrowns and eggs...yummmm. 
^^Maddy's sis took a few shots of us in the forest nbd. It was such a blessing to see these sistas of mine, even if it was for a short time. We really developed such a special bond while living in Gulu and its rad to see how the sisterhood we have has continued and will continue long after. 
^^aaaaand after that whirlwind of a weekend... back to LA. 

THANK YOU WASHINGTON, for another rad weekend!


I thought i'd share a excerpt from an article out of the Perspectives reading booklet. Its an article titled Apostolic Passion and it is written by Floyd McClung. This short article has challenged me more over the past two years than any other reading i've done. 

"What is apostolic passion?

The term "passion" is used to describe everything from romance to hunger pangs. I don't know what it means to you, but for me passion means whatever a person is willing to suffer for. In fact, that's the root meaning of the word. It comes from the Latin paserre, to suffer. It is what you hunger for so intensely that you will sacrifice anything to have it. The word "apostle" means a sent one, a messenger. "Apostolic passion," therefore, is a deliberate, intentional choice to live for the worship of Jesus in the nations. It has to do with being committed to the point of death to spreading His glory. It's the quality of those who are on fire for Jesus, who dream of the whole earth being covered with the glory of the Lord.

I know when apostolic passion has died in my heart. It happens when I don't spend my quiet time dreaming of the time when Jesus will be worshipped in languages that aren't yet heard in heaven. I know it's missing from my life when I sing about heaven, but live as if earth is my home. Apostolic passion is dead in my heart when I dream more about sports, toys, places to go and people to see, than I do about the nations worshipping Jesus.

I have lost it, too, when I make decisions based on the danger involved, not the glory God will get. Those who have apostolic passion are planning to go, but willing to stay. You know you have it when you are deeply disappointed that God has not called you to leave your home and get out among those who have never heard His name. If you will not suffer and sacrifice for something, you are not passionate about it. If you say you will do anything for Jesus, but you don't suffer for Him -then you aren't really passionate about Him and His purposes on earth.


If you have apostolic passion, you are one of the most dangerous people on the planet. The world no longer rules your heart. You are no longer seduced by getting and gaining but devoted to spreading and proclaiming the glory of God in the nations. You live as a pilgrim, unattached to the cares of this world. You are not afraid of loss. You even dare to believe you may be given the privilege of dying to spread His fame on the earth. The Father's passions have become your passions, You find your significance in Him. You believe He is with you always, to the end of life itself. You are sold out to God, and you live for the Lamb. Satan fears you, and the angeles applaud you.


I challenge you to pray this prayer: "Lord, be ruthless with me in revealing my selfish ambition and lack of willingness to die to myself." I guarantee that He will answer your prayer- and quickly."


Camden turns 1!

In typical Komae fashion we had an over the top birthday party at a park in Redondo beach with a bounce house, taco truck, portos cake, insane hand made poster (props to Auntie Julie), yogurtland party favors, and a ton of our family and friends there to celebrate.

When I was a kid I had a few crazy parties like mom hires a petting zoo to come to our house and also mom hires a reptile man to come do a show in our backyard. So I think its safe to say our family holds nothing back when it comes to birthday parties...and the bar is set high for the day I have kids and have to plan their birthdays! 

^like I said...insane poster made my A.Julie...the ONE is made of photos of Camden! 
^Yogurtland giftcards as party favors!! scute. made my mom & a.Julie.
^Cam and his great-grandparents :)
^and best gift goes to the Lams who got Cam a mini hockey stick + net set and a Kopitar shirt!