a pastry lesson:

So I recently discovered that my mom had Netflix...and I've been watching it a lot lately. 
Mostly for the fact that this is an awkward part of the semester, when all of our big papers are due in a week or so...so it's that weird time where you definitely should be working on them - but no one really does. Anywayyyy....yesterday I decided to do something pretty ironic. I decided that before working out, i'd watch this documentary called Pastry Kings! yummmmmmy.

This documentary basically followed a few crazy pastry chefs who spend their whole lives trying to win this prestigious title of MOF (some french words like monsieur something something) These guys spend all their time creating intense sugar sculptures and if the judges like them, they get the title of MOF and wear a special collar on their chef suit. pretty legit. 

My favorite part was when this underdog...he had some crazy french name...lets just call him Jacque... Jacque spend hours meticulously shaping his intricate sugar sculpture...only to see it come crashing down minutes before judgement time. Poor Jacque. He began to cry, because his life dream is to be a MOF, and the other chefs felt his pain. It was such an epic scene...the tears, the flashbacks to his pastry coaches telling him to finish NO matter WHAT. So Jean picked his head up, whipped something together, clinging on to the small chance that he still might get the title of mater pastry chef MOF.

The pasty president comes out to announce who has deserved the title : and Jacque's name is called.
He didnt give up. and he became the chef he always wanted to become. 
One of the main chefs commented on Jacque saying.... (picture)

who knew the competitive world of pasty chefs and sugar sculptures could teach such a great lesson?
So I learned that most of the time we draw our own finish line. We think we're done for. There is no way i'm passing this class, or getting that promotion, or achieving that goal. We put a cap on our capabilities instead of embracing the chance that we might actually do something GREAT...if we push ourselves.

well, that wraps up my cheesy inspirational post.
i usually dont like writing this much. sorry. But I needed a little boost myself. 
cheers to 3 more "official" weeks of this semester...and the hopes that we all can prevail like Jacque!



frolicking is a strange word. 

the other day the roomsicles and I decided to go for a brisk hike through Colbie Trail, which is a few miles from campus. There we found a meadow! I didn't even know meadows existed outside the Lord of the Rings. We heard a bazillion crickets chirping away like they were in an orchestra together.
 its was grand. 
oh man...it is so nice sometimes to get lost in the trees with the sound of gravel crunching under your feet and a symphony of crickets leading you back home. (that was so poetic, no?) 

photos via : iphone instagram. 

frolicking in a meadow. from amie faith on Vimeo.


I mean...if you're bored and have a few sleeping bags lying around...try this for fun:

the first video is from the good ol' days with the FoHo staff...thats Jogee and Trent. 
The next two are from this past saturday with Morgann and her bros. weeeeee!!

sleeping bag fun fun fun! from amie faith on Vimeo.
16 DAYS till I venture off to the lovely....Brussels, Belgium :)

Thrift store purchase: $7 :) :) :)


a few more from this weekend..weeeee! 

(p.s abbie you should def incorporate that hairstyle into your weekly routine)
(p.p.s once youtube hurries up, I will post a funny little video that has something to do with 
sleeping bags+ wrestling + my obnoxious laugh. cant wait!)


Uhmm..hold on a second. It's March 27th already???

wowwza. I blame this weekend for making time fly by. 
This weekend was madness. But a good kind of madness, if you know what I mean. 
I don't think i've been to in-and-out more in one weekend than I have this past weekend. (there is no in-and-out in WA so the bros had to go) I walked a total of 185 miles (thats an exaggeration. but I did go on an intense hike saturday+walked around 6flags all day) I signed up for my classes for next semester (sign language here I comeeee) and I ate an entire giant bag of pretzel M&M's all by myself. (I figured it counterbalanced the hike I went on??) anyway, i'm pretty much pooped.

well, this upcoming week is pretty chill. praise the Shepherd
and one last note, while watching the Karate Kid (Jaden Smith verision) Jackie Chan said something along the lines of "theres a difference between being still and doing nothing"
I probably did not quote him accurately, but morgann and I both said - wow. good quote.
So this week, i'm going to try to aim for stillness. for solitude and patience. But to know that it is not the same thing as doing nothing. If that makes any sense? it does in my head. hah


twins in town.

The bros are in Cali for the weekend (Morgann's twin brothers from WA)
their main goal for today was to check out Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. So we went not really knowing what to expect....but it turned out that they were filming the show ALL day today so we saw a bunch of fancy cameras, drama, big cat, chanel, and the whole crew - except ROB! But it was fun. 
and the cherry on top was that they got a pic to make all their friends back home super jealous. haha.  

the "lying down" game. 


It is cold. Wish I was hereeeeee...



I love shoes. They have so much personality. 
(sorry if feet gross you out. this is not the place for you.)

stac- c.city
me.cat.abs - dland. 
it's not easy winning a national title, and I'm proud of our girls from bring it home!!


stumbled upon THIS yesterday. A blog called "the madbury club"
It's pretty much a random gangster/urban/indie blog that a few kids on the East Coast write. (i think)
haha all I know is they had an article on the NCAA tourney, Kobe, cameras, and that sweet backpack down there...I dig it! 

Quinoa success.

Bought some quinoa (keen-wa) from Sprouts (like TJ's) the other day.
Came home and thought...hmmm what could I eat with this, the possibilities are endless!
Decided to cook some eggs+ spinach, add some avocado, salsa, and call it a day.

sooo yummyyyyyy. 


What the inside of my brain looks/feels like right now:

made this today. out of pure necessity to release my inner child. 
...this is therapy to me, and I love it. 

So, for the past few months i've been facebook free...and it's been great.

I've noticed a few downsides (sharing pictures, group conversations, stalking your future resident staff, etc) but nothing that couldn't be solved with a quick email, actually meeting the people in person, and this blog! It's been so nice ridding myself of the habit of checking my fb every 30min on my computer and my phone. It's helping me learn that being intentional with people via face to face conversation, email, text, or a call, is how it's supposed to be done yo!

 I'm learning to get real. To tell people I miss them and mean it. To live in the moment. to not be consumed with the next album I have to upload. Or how many pictures I am tagged in. To be present when i'm with people. And to cherish the time I have with my friends :) 

Court's posse. quality people.
(court I hope you see this. start a blog! )


creative juice.

Today I needed some creative juice.
I was feelin in a funk and was thirsting to draw, paint, cut up magazines, write on the walls, or something to get my mind out of the 1..2...3..straight, perfect, precise work that is college! So with the help of these two videos, I was able to break out of my boring bubble and think outside the box.

I want to do this. 

Watch this whole thing, I know its long. But trust. its so dope! 
NIKE78 - W+K Tokyo LAB | 'ABUKU -泡-’ from NIKE78 on Vimeo.
"God is basic fact. 
He must not be thought of as a featureless generality. 
He is the most concrete thing there is.
- C.S. Lewis 



first off- shout out to my girl Muha, for introducing us to Native Foods  a bombbbb vegan restaurant
  (yes people, I said it. vegan) in Culver City. I told Stac she had to go try out the food, because not only is the food vegan - it tasted good too. We dragged D along with us and had a grand old time pretending that we eat healthy ALL the time (duh) and getting lost driving around in circles in Culver City. 
But ey, sometimes getting lost is what makes it more fun..chaa know.

 some special beer or something. 
 took this for you muha. yummyy lemonade 
 D's en-cha-cha-lada bowl. 
basiacally a bunch of mexican food layered with a ridiculously good bell pepper popper on top :)
 Stac's snazzy balsamic pizza. SO SO GOOD. 
 azteca salad. the quinoa is my fav + the jicama. 

then we proceeded to search for a good HOUR for a place to eat dessert because I mean come on, healthy vegan dinner deserves a UNhealthy dessert. Somehow we ended up in El Segundo buying weird bread pudding and yogurt from Whole Foods. 
no better way to spend St.Patty's day :) 


There is so much going on. In the world. and here at school.
 I've found comfort in the lyrics to "Daisy's song" by Dominic Balli:

"This love is stronger than the blood that beats my heart
This love is deeper, than the pain of all these scars
This love goes farther than the hope in answer’s arms
This love is stronger
It’s strong enough for me"

 ...and a few shots from around. 
7 psalms. 
chapel :) 
 a few good reads. 


Sadly, last night our intramural basketball team lost in the final four. haha
I laugh because I really don't know how I survived playing TWO games last night.
Back in the day, I used to go hours on the court. Running around like there's no tomorrow. But let me tell you people, come college you just aren't as agile. But needless to say, despite my lack of agility on the court and the sad realization I had when I realized my legs felt like they're were molded in cement-
 I had fun! 

The girls on my team are awesome and its great to get back to the old basketball routine. 
because really, what would school be like without some bball??
 This is us, running through "motion."