Hunter's photoshoot!

 their little family!
 little old man. 
 normal family portrait. 
 "Hunty..look here!"
mama Jen!

I love being an auntie. 


obsessed (not really. but kinda sorta)

1. THE HUNGER GAMES (duhh dduh...insert epic music
In high school I used to be ashamed of the inner nerd that would come out of me sometimes. I remember senior year, Mrs. Hart was talking about this new book she was reading and mentioned it was one of the best books she's ever read. I remember secretly jotting the title down in class..and then made sure mom drove me to the bookstore so I could hunt it down and read it. my friends would laugh and say "amie thats the book Mrs. Hart was talking about!? HAHA" but HEY PEOPLE...I LOVE THE HUNGER GAME AND READ THEM IN A DAY. NO SHAME HERE!! But seriously. there is just something that captivates me when I read a good book. granted, book that teach you stuff and are written by well known authors are a personal fav (Bonhoeffer, lucado, lewis. etc)...BUT there is something about a GOOD fiction, crazy, what the what, take me on a ridiculous journey book THAT I LOVE.
wow this book was great. I know my family is tired of me talking about it. so i'll stop. 
go read it so we can talk about it. 

2. CRAFTING. I've always loved crafting. I have two huge notebooks at home which are FULL of magazine cut outs of dresses, fabrics, prints, shoes, etc that I would find and get ideas from. I was never into the actual fashion of it all...more so just the colors, textures, artist behind the work..you know. Anyway..I've been really into line art lately. Just with my sharpie and a piece of paper. So loved ones...expect something along those lines for Christmas. 

3. SKATE. Yah, I know..amie on a skateboard? HA HA. good one.
but I want you all to know that there is hope. I am convinced that my main mode of transportation next semester will indeed be my pennyboard. IT WILL HAPPEN! I love it. the wheels, the fact that it glows in the dark, the fact that i dont really know how to ride it but will soon master it. (praying) I think every person who has walked into my apt has heard me say the same obnoxious thing.. "HEY HEY HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW BOARD IT GLOWS IN THE DARK HEY HEY WOOOWOWOOW"

4. and lastly, TEBOW. okay now before you roll your eyes. Check this out:
In a recent article, people were talking about how some players are tired of Tebow always talking about God. To which he responded by saying, ""That's the thing about my faith: It's not just something that happens when you're at church or happens when you're praying or reading the Scripture. It's a part of who you are, as a person, as a player, in your life and everything," Tebow said. "And it should be who you are because you're not just a Christian or a believer at church. That's who you are everywhere and it shouldn't matter what situation or what setting you are in. Hopefully, you're the same guy everywhere."

the end.
as you can tell I get really hyped up about stuff.
now back to the books! 


hunter's photoshoot : a preview..

Sunday after church, we headed to the park to snap a few shots of the fam.
Hunter was lookin mighty cute in that polo of his..heres just a preview. 
more to come! 

a FOHO wedding.

In the midst of eating a lot of turkey, playing in the basketball tourney with my high school girls, playing with Hunter..etc...I squeezed in this beautiful wedding on saturday! So thankful that I was able to make it (considering I had a game that morning). My friends Jogee (Josh) and Amy became Hubby and Wifey saturday. I met them both two summers ago working at FOHO (camp)...so we had a little camp staff reunion..since everyone is spread out around socal. LOVE THESE PEOPLE!
 The wedding took place at their church in the outside amphitheater. SO PRETTY
 feet washing.
 something that made this wedding so beautiful was the fact that it was focused on worship.
Jogee and Amy are both worship leaders and made sure that praising God for their relationship and guidance was central. beautiful
 good one Jogee!
staffies!! such quality people. 
 Holly..work it.
 they had everyone at the wedding sign a rock! 
 my buddy Sauer...love this kid
 Jbird model shot. HHAHA
 love deanna!!!
 so sassy!
after the ceremony we all caught up eating cake and hugging the bride and groom.
then we headed off to eat some really good Mexican food. So good to be reunited with this group.
They are so much fun, so in love with God, and just a joy to be around.
congrats Jogee and Amy! 


hometown glory.

nothin like rolling (literally) around in the street with your fwends!
Nomes (naomi) and Dress (Kristen) came over just to hang...since we haven't seen
each other in FARRR too long. These two crack me up. Never a dull moment with 'em!