remember when...we were in high school??

Today I received a text from my good friend Kacy saying "happy halloween! have a spooky day" hahhahah. Lets just say it made me miss all those girls I grew up with. The ones I ate lunch with, planned homecoming dances with, dressed up for prom with, played basketball all year with, and just grew up with! They were a huge part of my life and I miss them all dearly. 

So, in honor of them I decided to bring back some of those memories in the form of weird/awkward/we thought we were so cool/ high school pictures. starting from the beginning...

Freshman year? When we thought "ZOO YORK" was a cool brand. 
one of the first Christmas parties we had as friends. (freshman year)
those days when EVERYTHING revolved around basketball. haha..sighhhh. 
Junior year, I was class president and made those t-shirts. hahah good times. 
 before Tom's became a hit. we were ahead of the game. (Senior year)
 the girls. Taryn, Yoko, Kacy, Anuhea, Asami. Missing Ashleigh and Silvia. 
 Grad Night Senior year. 
 My partner in crime..Muha!
 I will forever love this pictures of us! Graduation...praise the Lord!

 I believe Taryn and Syd were making fun of me for reading this FAT book. Typical. (senior year)

 some of the best times were in student council. Theres Jordan, Yoko, Muha, Erica, Bj and Dq.
 my hapas.
 Senior year..APN. Muha was ASB president and I was vice. We loved us some Obama cookies.
 Towards the end of senior year...the day we go to skip class and go to seaside lagoon! LOVED it

Eating lunch on the hill. 
 homecoming top 10. Kevin was my partner and I think this photo captures it perfectly. 
Prom. need I say more?
Ladies: thanks for growing up with me. For eating lunch every day with me, for making me laugh constantly, for accepting me and for encouraging me. Although we might not see each other as often as we had hoped, you mean a lot to me and I pray daily that you will each find the path God has for you. I  am so thankful for our friendship and the things you taught me in higschool and I cannot wait to see where we all end up. My hope is that one day, the Lord will become real to each of you and that your lives will be forever changed.
 I'm praying for all of you and I love you!



Got to pick up the boys from school the other day :) 
Kelly and Pamela (dad and mom) had to go to a dr. apt so Chris (red shirt) Brad (not pictured) and I were given clear directions to the boys school. We were told to pick them up at 11:30am SHARP...and to sign them out etc etc. Definitely an adventure but we managed to accomplish our mission. haha..lets just say it was fun playing mom for a day.  
 The Natalies and I (thats right, theyre both Natalie) went to the Jayme Dee concert Thursday night. I have SO MUCH FUN with these girls. Mostly because we all love the bright lips, funky clothes, pintrest, our research professor (haha)...and we talk about everything and anything. We had dreams of going to Millions of Milkshakes after the concert, but parking was a nightmare so we just went to Jack in the Box. Milkshakes, 
we're comin back for ya. 
took this bad boy on the way to a Chili cook-off that all the RA's were having at one of the administrator's houses. For some reason Azusa has the best sunsets. Must be that smog. 
does anyone else think its weird how much we all look alike here? 
Saturday morning I woke up supaaa early to get home in time for a little family breakfast in honor of D's big 26. So good to be home, even if it was for a few short hours. PLUS...we feasted on breakfast potatoes, eggs, sausage, rice, biscuits..BOMB. 

 This weekend was Homecoming here at school. Basically there was a bunch of events going on and a lot of parent came out to visit. Anneke's parents came out from Chicago to visit her and I got to meet them as well as Nati's family from San Diego! I loved hanging out with their parents and seeing a little piece of where they come from and who has made them who they are. I have the best friends.
Ahh...and I continue to get the chance to hang out with quality people such as these two. (Brady and Scott) I'm not gunna lie, I got pretty lucky with my residents. They're all really cool people who I would want to be friends with if I met them outside of RA life. 

and to end with a quote from The Hole in our Gospel..the book i'm currently reading...
"Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose this morning and is coming back tomorrow"
-Martin Luther


happy birthday Rylie!!

Wish I was with you today!!! 
 hope your bday was full of blessings...love you! 

Bible. Boots. Baking

1. Bible
We had our first Life and Teachings of Jesus Exam in Hauge's class today. Lets just say...I haven't studied that hard since I had to learn Osmosis in Biology freshman year. We studied this stuff NON STOP. Had to memorize two maps (easily 50 cities all with names like Lydda, Sartinias, Sepphoria, Hippos...you get the point), chapter, verses, and people out of the book of Mark, not to mention the basic outline of the history of Israel, 4 Apocryphal gospels and the history of the Septuigant. rough. BUT...the Lord is good through and through...and the test was a BREEZE. I know, crazy. not sure if it's because I studies my brains out, or if I just hyped it up wayyyy too much.
either way I am so happy right now!! hahah. 

(This is Anneke and I minutes after Hauge's test. happy as can be!)

2. Boots
gettin kinda chilly out here. bought these boots a few weeks ago for $6 at my favorite thrift store down the street from school. I'm not much of a cold weather fan, but give me some cheap funky boots and a thick scarf and i'm good to go.

3. Baking
Decided that baking is going to be my new thing. I've come to realize that I can't really wrap my mind around this whole "cooking" thing yet...so i'm going to start slow. With baking. It's easier, faster, cleaner and more residents will be happy with desserts.  I'll keep you posted on how this all goes.

Gotta love the Bible, a good pair of boots, and some baked good. Smells like the Holidays are comin!


a blessed Saturday.

Saturday I finally had a free day in my schedule to say hi to my beautiful friend Deanna. 
We worked/roomed together at camp two summers ago and have kept in touch since then.
I am so appreciative of her friendship because when I am with her all we can talk about in Jesus and what He is teaching us in our lives! What a blessing it is to have such a honest, God-fearing, understanding friendship. 
(this photo is us in our weekly outfits. She was a cowboy, I was an Indian.)

We spend the day with Deanna's church friends, helping out at a skate park ministry, college group, and ended with a night of prayer at church. During prayer, the Lord revealed Himself in such a way that I have not experience in a LONG time. The Holy Spirit was so thick in that prayer room and there was so much freedom in that! I am in awe of God's grace for letting me visit Deanna and experience His reality and grace. WOW! 

God has really put amazing friends in my life, who are constant reminders of how each day should be filled with worship, prayer, and thanksgiving. mmmm...such a good weekend :)
Praise Him!

"Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance."
psalm 16


ahhh...the day little miss Cat turned into Mrs. "catnejo" 
thought i'd post this picture because I love how random it is. how candid it is. and how perfect it is for us. haha..

amie: hey what time it is? are all the snacks gone? why is it so hot?
abbie: amie what is wrong with you, crazy. calm down
morgann: okay cat, what else can I do to help you.
cat: wow those flowers do look great. I wonder when I get to see Trevor...




the kiddos! 
nati and i. unofficial babysitters 
gotta find the perfect one

 what a beautiful family :) 
 RIDICULOUS amount of pumpkins. 
 clearly I was excited to be at a pumpkin patch. 
so fun!!