this is Taylor.

 This is mahh girl Taylor, who is on the same staff as me. shes hillarious. 
She's graduating this May and asked if I could snap a few shots of her.
she is also getting married this summer to Buck (yes, his name is Buck) WOOOO! 

saturdayzz surf.

 Hit up newps on saturday with Sarah and Liana.
the best!
 gettin mahh balance on
can't complain about this spot. 


ASL video.

This is my lovely ASL (American Sign Language) group. 
we've been through a lot together...and this just might be our best work.
props to Mark and Rich for picking the song...and for my girl Carly for being my
sidekick all throughout ASL class. haha...
enjoy our ridiculousness. 


"so class...what's one word you would use to describe God?"

"We believe, then, in One God, one beginning, having no beginning, uncreate, unbegotten, imperishable and immortal, everlasting, infinite, uncircumscribed, boundless, of infinite power, simple, uncompound, incorporeal, without flux, passionless, unchangeable, unalterable, unseen, the fountain of goodness and justice, the light of the mind, inaccessible; a power known by no measure, measurable only by His own will alone for all things that He wills He can, creator of all created things, seen or unseen, of all the maintainer and preserver, for all the provider, master and lord and king over all, with an endless and immortal kingdom: having no contrary, filling all, by nothing encompassed, but rather Himself the encompasser and maintainer and original possessor of the universe, occupying all essences intact and extending beyond all things, and being separate from all essence as being super-essential and above all things and absolute God, absolute goodness, and absolute fulness: determining all sovereignties and ranks, being placed above all sovereignty and rank, above essence and life and word and thought: being Himself very light and goodness and life and essence, inasmuch as He does not derive His being from another, that is to say, of those things that exist: but being Himself the fountain of being to all that is, of life to the living, of reason to those that have reason; to all the cause of all good: perceiving all things even before they have become: one essence, one divinity, one power, one will, one energy, one beginning, one authority, one dominion, one sovereignty, made known in three perfect subsistences anti adored with one adoration, believed in and ministered to by all rational creation, united without confusion and divided without separation."

John of Damascus (8th), The Orthodox Faith



So... I have weird/crazy/random dreams. pretty often. I've always wondered why I dream such vivid, detailed, weird stuff...and lately i've been asking the Lord to use my crazy dreams to speak something into my life. I'm still waiting on Him...but I thought i'd share a dream I had a few nights ago...
dont be freaked out. It's pretty random...

I forgot to meet Sarah for surfing. We had planned to meet at 8am. I woke up...and was in my apartment. My friend Jordan came over and was talking about something..and then eventually about 8 other people came flooding in. I totally forgot about Sarah. Then it clicked. and by 11am I realized I forgot to meet her. Turns out she had been waiting for me the whole time. sitting in her car. I felt horrible. We were planning on going with a group of other people..who all looked at me and blamed sarah for being late. I told them just to go on without me...

I was in my car with a few other people driving to some park. We were lost...kept going under random bridges and stuff..and ended up what seemed to be like the corner of a street. There were a bunch of little kids running around and in the middle of this corner on this street was a huge elephant. I think a giraffe too. There were what looked like Zoo keepers there..who were Christians. They were like using the animals to reach out to the kids running around. WEIRD.

I was helping serve food outside somewhere..there were two long long tables and I was standing at the end with this kid names Jedidiah. He was a volunteer too. He was wearing this yellow shirt that said, "newsome seattle northwest" on it (haha I know..what?) and said "you want a shirt? I can get you one for free. theyre usually $50" I said.."YAH!" few seconds later he came back and had the same shirt in grey and kneeled down on one knee and like raised the shirt up to give it to me, like he would to royalty or something. hahaha

last part of this very strange dream..I had just finished a long day of shopping with girlfriends. We were at a Mexican restaurant and just sat down with all our bags. Suddenly someone came and stole one of my bags..and then another guy came and took this little clutch I had and ran the other way. I managed to catch the guy with my bag and my other friend quickly took my clutch back (which had my wallet in it) It all happened in literally 30 seconds...so I figured there was no way they stole anything. My heart was beating fast..and I looked in my wallet to make sure it was all there..and my license, debit card, and credit card were all gone. SO FAST!

END OF DREAM. WHAT?? ahahha.. who knows!


all in one day?

Yesterday may have been one of the craziest days ever...and in the best way possible.
let me explain...

1. 7:30am wake up call
2. Conflict management class 8:05 on West campus...(we usually skate..yesterday we drove because..)
3. hit the gym after class with Natijane
4. headed to Target real quick to pic up some essentials (aka peanut butter) 
5. Hurried back home to shower quick and meet Emi for lunch
6. 1130 Lunch at the Caf with Emi. So good to catch up :) we also wore matching maroon pants. 
7. Ran into Kari Bouwer..chatted about how she's going to ISRAEL next week for spring break..AHH!! 
8. walked back home to jam out some homework before class
9. drove to 2:45 church history class with Liana, colton, scott, etc.
10. church history is over..drive us all home to pick up junk to...
11. Head to downtown Disney to meet some forest homies!
12. arrive at downtown, wait in california hotel..take a nap while we wait..
13. REUNION! hollerrr! hugs hugs hugs...
14. Dinner at ESPN zone with the homies
15. Liana and I had to bounce back home because...
16. Jordan and Kenny were holding a spot for us in like at THE HUNGER GAMES!!!
17. picked up In-n-Out for the boys before meeting them in line...
18. While this is all happening Liana and I get a call from our GOOD 
19. GEt to the movies...see ALL OF APU in line. haha

the end. 



cousins. summer '11
 Montecito, CA. 


The Greens came to town

Senior photos for Daniel and Kendall...and a little family shoot along with it...
I love when the Green's are in town :)