Seattle DAY 1

Friday was the longest day of my life. and here is why...

4:00 AM - off to the airport. 
 4:45 AM - airport fun! we love airports! 
 fast forward few hrs... 9:00 AM - arrive at Morgann's cozy house in Kent, WA
 9:10 AM - momma morgs makes us eggs
 10:00 AM - take pictures of Morgann's UHHH-MAZING view from her porch. 
this is no joke. it's awesome out there. 
 10:20 AM - driving past Mt. Reineer 
 12:45 PM -Pike Place Market
 12:50 PM - people watching
 1:00 PM - throwing some fish
 1:20 PM - getting our shop on
 1:25 PM- more people watching. musicians!
 1:30 PM - First Starbucks Store...trying to see our breaths  
 1:35 PM - Pikes place has some of the coolest/most random stuff for sale. 
 1:50 PM - Ran into Bieber. who knew he was in Seattle??
....Then ran into Harry...
 ...and the Twilight crew! whoa Cat didnt see you there, thought you were part of the crew. 
 2:00 PM - checking out some more of Seattle's cool shops
 2:10 PM - walking down by the Seafront 
 2:12 PM - Ye Olde Curiosity Shop! 
 2:30 PM - had to get Beechers FAMOUS mac&cheese
so cheesy and SO SO good. 
 2:33 PM - cheeeeeeeseeeeee
 2:45 PM - quick stop to get some FRESH doughnuts. they were delish. 
 2:50 PM - GUM WALL. 
 3:30 PM - Off to the space needle we gooo!!!
 3:45 PM - SPACE NEEDLE :) 
 4:00 PM - trusted a nice stranger to take one pic of all of us. 
That's Morgann's friend Melissa with us. She goes to SPU and was our Seattle tour guide! 
 4:10 PM - some cool building by the needle
Saw a pic of the troll in the store and said out loud, "wait...what movie is this in??!?" I couldn't figure it out and it was bugging me..then the nice store guy comes over and says (like I'm sure he says to a billion other tourists).."10 things I hate about you." DUH! 
the troll in the movie! 
 4:45 PM - Abbie + Troll
4:46 PM - fwends
 5:00 PM - Bookstore from 10 things I hate about you. hah! 
 7:00 PM - after a yummy dinner we finally got to play some Kennect! aka..WII dance but...BETTER. 
there's no remote...there will be videos of this later. hahah, just wait. its so great.  
9:30 PM - after hours of dancing, Abbie calmed us all down with some tunes
 11:30 PM - THEN. WE. CRASHED.

I'm not kidding you people, that was THEEE LONGEST day EVER. 3am-11pm. 
loved it. So that was only day 1 of our trip..haha. I know, crazy right. By the Grace of God the weather was amazing, we had enough energy, and everything just worked out perfectly. I have a few more post coming your way with pictures from our trip to the boardwalk, the "winter ball" aka Narnia, and i'm in the process of making a little video from all that I had on my FLIP cam. 
so GET READY....this is not the end! 
 I just uploaded 400 pictures from our Seattle trip...wowza. 
we love Washington!


101st post! 
Threw this real quick little video together. It's clips that I took on my 7D of random things while @home.
Just wanted to see how it videotaped..and viola

excuse the blurriness on some parts, i'm still trying to figure out how to focus at the right times and all :) 


remember when...

...We went to Urbana? (aka St. Louis, Missouri....aka coldest place i've ever been. ever)

In honor of the fact that the roommates and I are headed off to the very cold Seattle this weekend (to visit Morgann's hometown) I thought i'd look back on our trip to St.Louis in hopes of mentally preparing
 my-southern california-beach-loving-self for the frigid cold...brrrrrrrr

we weren't scared at all when we saw this. 

 17,000 of our closest friends
 we look happy. but secretly our fingers/ears/noses/toes are about to fall off from the cold. 

So as I reminisce on our Urbana trip, I am reminded of the fact that come this weekend - i'm going to freeze. But, I am forcing myself to go into it with the right mindset...cold is fun! cold makes hot cocoa taste better! you can wear beanies in the cold! and scarves! your hair looks messy, but thats what the beanie is for!  cool pictures happen in the snow/rain/cold! You wont get sunburnt! you don't have to shave your legs! (tmi?) and mostly, you learn to appreciate the sun! weeoooo. 
See, so many positives to this all.
stoked for Seattle: t-minus 2 days! 


home sweet home.

4 day weekend at home...weeee!

har bar is such a good model. 
 this was a mistake. but a pretty mistake. 
doing his husbandly duties. 

 gma's pumpkin pie...yummmy!
"the perfect handstand" 
 the guys and their "NBA all-star game" faces

 happy 21st Kris!
Grandpa's otterbox. legit
 Mike&Barbara...best neighbors! 
 mel twin. stripped twin. 



I love being home.