the kids growing up fast!

Grandma made me this beanie a few years ago. It's one of my favorites and Hunter seemed to like it too. The best part is, is that it actually fits his head lol! Well in a few short months he will no longer be the little baby anymore...Lenya will be here around Christmas time and then Hunty will be a big brother at the end of January! A very exciting time at the Komae house and i'm just glad I get to be here to see this kid grow up right in front of our eyes!


the forgotten post!

I'm finally getting around to posting the last set of pics from our trip to WA!
Here's the land of twilight aka Forks, La Push beach, and the ferry to Seattle!
Thank you Sun house...you were a dream! 

La Push beach was RAD. 
the craziest part was that we had to hike 20min through the lush forest
to get to the beach. whaaaaat?!
the trees were magnificent
back at the Sun house for an evening walk 
thank you, Sun house!
We drove to take the ferry into Seattle! Such a fun experience, wild to think that
some people do this every day to get to work!

see you soon Seattle!


new phone!

so i've been living in the land of the iphone 4 for the past few years now...and I finally got to
upgrade to the newest iphone! I didnt really need a new phone, I think we can all agree that the iphone
craze has gone a little too crazy...but I will say the camera quality is great and the slo motion video
is SO RAD!! Today Hunter wanted to have a picnic because he saw it on Daniel Tiger (tv show)
so we headed outside to put the new iphone to use. 

 one of those photos that is just too perfect...notice the bush behind his head giving his a green fro! LOL!
This isnt the slo mo....this is just hunter being so cute playing
bball with me! hahaha...making him into a baller!

***wait...still trying to figure out how to let you actually watch this video...hahaha..
hold that thought...i'll work on it...for now enjoy these little moving photos or GIF's as the internet calls them***



When I headed off to APU 4 years ago, I assumed i'd meet some cool people. like, maybe make a few friends here are there, go on a few trips, nothing crazy. But lo and behold, here I stand as an APU alumni having met some of my nearest and dearest friends in college and celebrating huge life events with them - like marriage!!! Our weekend celebrating Kate's bachelorette party was phenomenal. She has the best group of girls in her bridal party (I'm a bit bias) and we loved being super girly this weekend and hanging out in beautiful SD! Thanks to Natijane and Kamee for doing most of the planning - you girls rocked it!

 Mrs. Roots famous AMAZING chocolate cake!!! 
 woke up sat morning and had the best carbo-loaded breakfast at con pane cafe. it was amazing
 most of us ordered "3 choices of bread with butter and jam" not anticipating the HUGE
pieces of bread we would be getting. look at that gluten goodness!!! 
 Future Mrs. Zimmer ! 
after breakfast we headed off to paddle board! SO. MUCH. FUN. 
despite the windy waters, becoming a human sail, and having sore legs after, it rocked!
such a beautiful day on the water!
After paddle boarding, we packed up lunch and headed to Wind&Sea for a nice picnic
 yes. we know how to throw a beach picnic. table and everything 
 such a fun group of girls!
 Natijane works at the Hotel Del Coronado and hooked us up with two rooms!! 
theres nothing like getting ready in a hotel with all your girlfriends. 
 being all sophisticated in the robes lol 
 so much sass
I call this one the "self timer fail turned artistic shot" 
the del is a beautiful hotel and we were so ready for a night of fun!
we ate dinner and then headed to EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS YES YES YES YUMMM
 there was a 45minute wait -___- but we made the most of us by having fun in our party hats
and taking plenty of photos! 
seriously, how fun are these hats?!?
the bride to be!
Nati, Katelyn, Megan and myself were all on the same staff our junior year in college.
that year sealed the deal for us all and we became roommate in the nest together. now we get 
to all be a part of kate's wedding and its just THE BEST!!
 after a fun night sleep came easy to us all. (paddle boarding is a workout) we chilled in the morning
then headed off to breakfast in the tank tops Katelyn had made for all of us!!
 "Love never fails - 1 Corinthians 13:8"
Katelyn, you are such a beautiful lady inside and out and you are going to make
a stunning bride in just over 20 days :) I love you and Bradley so much and cannot wait
for you two to start your journey together. So thankful I get to celebrate along side you!!