this would happen to me...

okay so..I just wrote a really LONG...in depth..descriptive...amazing post with all these pictures and lalalala...and then the computer freaked out on me and deleted it ALL :(

it took a lot out of me so now you guys will just have to live with one picture and a few prayer requests.
Right now our staff is at one of the girls houses in ojai playing just dance. Also, one of our guys on staff just ran into the screen door. HAHAHA.
anyway...you can all be praying that we have an abundance of energy going into this week of 150 middle schoolers...and you can all pray that the focus isnt on us this week but on Jesus!

love you all...there was a Huge Korean group here at camp this weekend and I was joking with my staff while looking at the small Korean children saying.."i miss my family." haha

this is us.."mulching" (sp?) basically putting more wood stick on the group to lessen the dirt around camp. that Liana...me..Julia..Lo..and Hannah. love these girls. I am in great company!



Helloooooo blog! long time no talk.
so, week one of staff training has officially ended...and now we're on to another week of CPR training, first aid, program meetings, memory verses, skit rehersals..etc etc. Our staff this year is SOLID. as in...these people are awesome. so talented. so loving. and so much fun.

I can't wait till the campers get here so we can get the real fun started!
well, right now we're all relaxing using the internet...soaking in our time off.
here are a few pics from the first week of training.

hike to the punch bowls!
one of my favorite days of training. such a beautiful hike and the water felt amazing!

natural water slides might be one of the greatest things ever.
aside from the bazillion leeches that we had to aviod..and the freezing water...we loved it!

every year we have "family dinner" night where our staff splits up and goes out to dinner together in smaller groups. Lucky us..we got to go to the Finnerty's house. (that's mallory on the left, its her house) Hollys my boss, she's in the middle of us.

so stoked to see what this summer has in store for our staff.
these people are amazing and I feel so blessed to share this crazy fun experience with all of them.
sorry if my blog doesnt get much lovin in the next few weeks...i'll try and update when I can.

as of now...here's to Ojai Valley summer #2...WOOHOO!


snapped a few more..last minute shots of Hunter.
he is so chill and so cute...I just want to take pictures of him ALL DAY!

two of my favorite shots of little man :)


family time.

so before I headed off for summer...we had a little family photo sesh for our church directory.

practicing lighting. aka awkward photos with mom and dad

Hunter came for his first family photoshoot!
Their little family!!
 the whole gang.
 auntie Stac

smooooshie face
 baby kisses
 love this shot of Hunter and uncle D.


Ojai, here I come!

Tomorrow I head off to another uhhh-mazing summer working at FHOV (Forest Home Ojai valley)!
It is such a crazy blessing knowing that for the next 2.5 months I will be going NON-STOP working with Junior Highers, High schoolers, family groups, and other church organizations. 

I am itching to get back to camp life. 
There is just something about being outdoors. being with hyper kids who can't get enough of the zip line, or the rock wall. late night campfires that leave your jacket smelling all smokey. Staring at the stars that you would never see in Torrance. Being so tired you just want to sleep for dayyyyzzz but knowing it's all worth it. Learning to put your laziness and comfort aside and embracing 5hrs of cleaning toilets. 

BIG things are going to happen for the Kingdom this summer and I CANNOT wait to see how God moves in these campers, and in our staff!

so here's to another full summer of new friends, growth, creativity, challenges, and searching to draw closer to the Spirit of Christ in all of our lives! LETS GO!!!!

here are a few pictures from last summer that I LOVE. 
gold team, junior high week. these kids were SO COOL. no joke. 

some beautiful, silly, clever, warm, and fantastic people right here!!

working so hard...makes relaxing so easy :)


that's one chill baby

for some odd reason Russ likes to "swaddle" himself...

ladies and gents...Hunter has found his thumb.

saying his first prayer! awwww.

with Grandpa and Nana. 

this here below is DEFINITELY going in my favorite pictures folder. 
classic G&G. 



I love my nephew? 
babies are just too much fun to photograph. I can't stop!


little man.

little man is a solid SIX days old!
our family cannot get enough of baby Hunter... it is so fun having a baby around..ahh!

come on..i mean LOOK at this face! too cute. wayyyy too cute.