a weekend in SD

last weekend I got to visit one of my favorite people in one of my favorite places..
Natijane in SD! Russ had to be down there for business, so Jen, Hunty, and I made a 
weekend out of it. I love being their nanny haha. 

we took Hunty to the park sat. morning
there is nothing like sleeping in a bed with a 2 year old. 
on the second night of our trip, Russ and Jen went out on a date and I stayed in and watched Hunty...
we had a piece of cake to eat and he wanted to have a picnic in the corner of the room. So sure enough, we grabbed a blanket, our cake, a fork, and some water and had a picnic! haha. 
 hash hash a go go...busy place but worth it for this pancake! 
tide pools!
their cute little fam!
I loved spending the weekend with Russ Jen and Hunty man. I mean...look at that face!

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