Today I realized that...although I loved (like really loved) being in college, there is something about postgraduate life that is really exciting and a whole new level of fun. Meeting up with friends is like a serious treat and there is almost too much to catch up on. Aka...liana how was being in colorado for 3 months? Katelyn youre married now! Nati your wedding is in 5 months. Amie youre going to Uganda and you work at lulu? Yes yes. And thats what today was...it was breakfast, coffee, catching up, gaining wisdom from eachother stories, asking for advice, being honest, throw a little rite-aid icecream in there, a sweet view of the ocean, thrift store shopping, and panera bread...and I'd call that one heck of a day. Lets just say it was good to have 4/9ths of the Nest back in action.
Post graduate life is treating us well!

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  1. I think you win the contest for Most Married Friends Under the Age of 25 or Most Times Being a Bridesmaid Whilst Still in College.