Last night we all decided to actually go out for once! All the roommate + a whole crew of friends headed out to Pas to celebrate Anneke's 22nd! Lucky for us, we have quite a few friends who know their way around the food scene in Pas and we enjoyed the outdoor patio at King's Row then headed to Dog Haus for the most amazing burgers on hawaiian sweet rolls - SO GOOD. 

we're all homebodies so it was hilarious and so so fun to go out all together! 
Loved celebrating Annekes bday with some of my favorite people!

 birthday girl!
 outside at Kings Row. The APU crowd kind of took over haha oops.
I love my nat's !
Dog Haus! Tater totts were amazing...see that burger made with 4 Hawaiian sweet rolls!!?

six days people, six days. 

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  1. I want to say how much FUN it has been to share in your college years through your blog. Thank you for faithfully posting your thoughts and pics.
    Not only have I gotten to know about APU life, but more importantly, I feel like I've gotten to know YOU much more through your postings.
    As wonderful as these years have been, so much more is ahead and I'm looking forward to sharing in that, too!