To my sweet sista

Dear sissy,

Today you turned 31.

I sit here so thankful for all these photos above, for all the sweet memories we've shared and all the stages of life we have walked through as sisters. You have been 10 years wiser than me and will always be my role model, my look-alike, the person who knows me the best (umm until im married, that is), the person I share all my clothes with, and my best friend. I love you so much sissy and I celebrate these 31 years of life God has given you. You're an incredible woman, wife, sister, daughter, co-worker, leader, friend, prayer warrior, wisdom-giver, life-of-the-party-er, crafter, chef, hospitable woman, chatty-kathy, goofball, and child of God.

I am so thankful for your life and your purpose here on this earth and I rejoice for the days ahead for you and Ant - Love you!!!!

Chanie Sissy Bonnie

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