headed off to Church in dresses + chucks. 
my good friend Colton found this hidden field and decided to hold a mini concert 
with all our friends. The weather was perfect and we all got to share a really special
moment of music, laughter, sunshine, and just soaking in what these past 4 years have meant to us.
 We had to leave Colton's thing at around 7pm...just in time to catch the best
part of the sunset. It was so gorgeous. Abbie, Anna and I decided to have some fun
before heading back home to do more homework. Notice the perfectly places cup of coffee.
 Abbie has been my friend all four years of college. Literally, from day 1, she was there.
Abbie is an incredibly talented singer and I always bug her to sing in public and she hates it hahahaa.
so she knew going to Colton's concert..that i would probably bug her to sing and she made sure to
tell me that she wouldnt! BUT....right before we were leaving she said, "okay let me just sing one song"
and i freaked out! so excited. She sang "wishing well" a song she wrote a while back...
a song she sang all freshman year so when I hear it, it brings me right back to Adams 
hall, being an awkward freshman...haha her singing that song was one of my favorite memories
of this year! 
 At about 9pm I rallied the troops and said, "we are going outside and we are going to get 
ice cream!" Everyone was getting stir-crazy from hw so we got out and drove to vons.

13. more. day. left. 

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