"B.A in communication studies"

Last night we had a communication studies major party. 

It's funny...sitting in a room with 40 of your fellow students who have walked through each and every class project, presentation, research paper, journal article, reading assignment, group project with you...staring at the faces of 10 incredible professors who you have spend hours listening to, learning from, complaining about, then respecting, those professors who have pushed you more than what you find comfortable, who have prayed for us, spoken gracious words over us, who have shared their life and family with us - here are some of those people...

 Natijane, britni, leslie, amanda, and lexi...five amazing women
 Funny story...we are all a part of LPE (communications honor society) that we joke is a sorority...haha so we came up with a sorority sister sign and pretended to be sorority girls. haha
 The faculty handed out awards at our comm dinner...and LOOK WHO IS AN ALLSTAR (no surprise :) natijane was the recipient of the communication student of the year award! Incredible. I'll brag because I know she wont...she is an excellent student whom all professors absolutely love and is so deserving of this award! I'm a proud roommate.
 Hartwig (prof) handed nati the award
speaking of Hartwig, this guy is a champ of the comm department. Everyone has to take him and everyone starts of incredibly intimidated by his expectations...but then we all end of loving him! He worked in residence life for many years before becoming a proff...so he really knows how to connect to us students on a real-life-out-of-the-classroom level. Hes a dad to three little girls and we always joke that they are softening his heart daily! haha. 
 These two women are incredible! I have had the privilege to learn from Wendi (professor Dykes) and Starla (professor Anderson) during my time here at APU and I couldnt be more thankful for two brilliant scholars, amazing professors, and incredibly strong women of God. Not only are they beautiful, they are both mothers to their own kids as well as to all of us weary students! So thankful for their presence in my life these past few years!

thank you APU for all you have taught me! Now I can put on a resume, B.A in communication studies :)


  1. eeek! exciting! i love your dress too!

  2. Super cute Styling cuz! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Totally love following you on this blog.