Yesterday I walked out of my last college class...EVER.

Yupp, it is true. Yesterday I sat in my last lecture as an undergraduate student. Next week I have finals, but those don't count because I'll just walk in to class, sit down, take a test, & leave.
Can you believe it? It has been four years since I walked through the doors of APU.
I've sat through 45 classes...over the course of 8 semester...I've been an alpha leader...I've been on walkabout...I've been an RA...I've lived in the dorms...I've hiked to the A...I've taken senior seminar...
I've done the APU thing and now i'm headed towards that stage on May 4th to walk out of here into the "real world"...good thing is, I ended it on a GREAT NOTE...

This is Hauge (How-gee) one of the best professors i've had at APU. I had the privilege of taking him for Life and Teachings of Jesus last year...and this semester I had him for the General Epistles (James, Jude, 1 & 2 Peter, and Hebrews). He is pretty much a legend here at APU not only because he is brilliant, but also because he is incredibly likable, wise, and teaches his class in a way that makes you never want to miss! (the mark of a good prof) Anyway, Wednesday in class Hauge said, "I want you all to remember that you know nothing. And you have no right going around judging people." sounds harsh right? But the way Hauge is, he is like youre favorite basketball coach giving you tough love that you immediately respect. I've learned so much from taking his classes and he is right...we have just scratched the surface of our education. Just because school is over does not mean learning stops. I have learned a lot...but I still no "nothing" in light of how unending the Word of God is!!

**oh and one more Hauge quote --> "if the world makes sense to me, I prefer nonsense. If Christianity is sensible, it's not appealing." think about it. deep.
on that note. 8 days till G R A D U A T I O N.

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