VIETNAM - the randoms

so...while in Vietnam over Christmas break I took my Canon 7D around (Joel), but on the days that I didnt want to carry around my huge camera, I snapped a few shots on my canon Powershot camera. I've been meaning to go through all my Vietnam photos and today I had some spare time to sift through some of the more random shots from my powershot. 

I love the randomness of all these photos...we really did get a lot done in nam!!

 Our first day in the city..Hunty and Uncle D
 scooter time
 First meal - LEGIT PHO!!!!! 
 I got a smoothie everywhere I went...mostly because they cost about $1. how can you deny that??
 D rubbed some chili near his eye hahaaa
 our turn on the scooter 
 Uncle Loan's rad apartment 
 the tiniest banana! 
rad mall
 night out to dinner
 Fried mochi on egg...with some veggies on top - bomb! and pretty much the only thing on the menu that I could eat (Vietnamese food is all seafood!) 
twins hahaha
scooters everywhere 
Free hats on our way to Nha Trang...creeper in the back
 Walking home...it was about 85degrees in this picture! 
 love my bros
 CUTE. getting off the plane and entering a wind tunnel 
 weird colored water and BOMB fruit smoothies in Nha Trang! 
 What to do on new years eve in Nha Trang?? Get massages, obviously. 
 So...on our last day in Nha Trang we had the option of going shopping (dumb) or paying $12 for the most incredible mud bath and hot spring experience....we were the only ones on our tour to go to the mud baths - crazy people! it was unreal!!!
 Stac is that you? hahaa jk. They sit you in these rock tubs and then this warm mud water floods out like a chocolate milk bath. 
 The large spoon was supposed to stay in the clean water bucket outside to wash your face off, but we ended up using it as a prop for photos haha
 after the mud baths you have the option of swimming in these cool pools. 
 the North face....and the "orth" face...HAHAHA
 back with the huntsman and out to get food
 I think this one is from Thailand...street food
 Maddness on the streets of Thailand 
 THE MOST AMAZING PHAD THAI EVER!!!! $2 on the streets!
 Durian was not allowed in the hotel hahahaa
 Uncle Loan took us all out for korean BBQ - so so good. 
 little outdoor restaurant in Saigon. 
 walking around the busy city (HCMC) 
 cutie patoootie 
 ya nap where ya can 
 the cutest little store!
Really good peanut butter milkshake made with soy!

huge head!
 trying on my shoes hahahaa
Russ was real happy.
 in the mall!
safety first!

I love looking back at all these photos and being reminded of the amazing trip we had in Vietnam/Thailand...I absolutely loved touring the city and spending time with family. 
Definitely a trip I will never forget! 

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