M & N

On Friday April 12th Marty proposed to Natijane

...under the most beautiful tree
...in the most perfect lighting
...at the top of a glorious mountain

here is how it happened...

 waiting for the couple....so excited!
Anneke, Natty Sue and I had time to pray for Nati Jane - thanking the Lord for the
sweet friendship he's given us!
Marty gave Nati a journal that had been signed by some of her closest friends here at APU
pure joy!
side note: Natijane absolutely loves sunflowers and they looked stunning in this light!

Love you two - CONGRATS!!!! 


  1. AMIE! These pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!! So...pretty much..are you going to become a professional photographer?! These are seriously mind blowingly awesomely legit!!

  2. Whoa, who bought you that amazing camera lens? Haha. You are a mighty fine photographer, Chan. Marty's choice of scenery didn't hurt, either.
    Wonderful, wonderful pics!

  3. Seriously Amie!!! You need to get paid to take pictures like this. So talented

    SOOOO MUCH FUN! Congrats Nati!!!