I think I just graduated college.

Graduation was amazing. One of the most fun days - ever! My roommates were joking that it felt like our wedding day. All the love, all the preparation, all the family in town, the hair, the cake, the white chairs, the gowns? hahaha. The Lord blessed us with INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL weather and we spent the afternoon outside with all of our family in one place! Here's a glimpse into our awesome day. ...

 Nati's parents (Norm and Lauren) FINALLY got to meet my parents!
 I love my nephew! 
 watching the boy play football. 
 The only downside to being outside was that one of our trees kept dripping sap...and bird poop! 
haha..ant got the worst of it. on his white-t! haha
 Everyone was so impressed by the Kings Hawaiian cake! 
beautiful...thank you mom and dad!
 Anneke has a beautiful family...here are all the girls!
p.s anneke's mom is the one in the middle - how good does she look! 
 everyone! how rad is this...all of our loved ones in one photo.
 Norm (Natijane's dad) prayed a blessing over the day 
 My beautiful roommates...minus Anna and Katelyn 
 Anneke's whole family! 5 brothers, 3 sisters and a sister in law. love them!
 mama Straw and mama Root doing what they do best!
It was so fun having Hunter at the house!
 Komae shoes
 I love my brother!
 We dont have a backyard so we packed the front yard with tables 
its funny because we live on a fairly busy street and received a few honks throughout the day!
 I adore this photo! Natijane and my Huntyman...how cute is he???
 blessed by these women. 
 packed inside the house to watch the slideshow!
 Russ was able to make it to the end of the party - AND it was his 33rd birthday!
 I had been dreaming about this photo for quite some time now...I knew it would be
a special moment with ALL of our mothers in one place...and I kept talking
about taking a pic with all of us standing next to them. AND HERE IT IS! I love this
so much...we are all so blessed with incredibly women to call our mothers. 
and then...
 we had to get a father shot! And I am not lying when I say that we all have amazing fathers...
fathers who love the Lord and have encouraged us throughout every stage of life.
All thanks to the Lord for our amazing parents!
 the siblings!
 let the ceremony begin...
 walking in to the ceremony was one of the BEST moments. So much excitement...
the best way I could describe it would be..like a celebrity on the red carpet? haha
 my girl Abbie! From freshman roommates to college graduate...shes the best. 
great shot by my bro-in-law Ant
 there I go people! 
 my beautiful roommate Anna! This girl rocks. She's on her way to med-school 
and is going to be an amazing doctor. Cannot wait to see where this girl goes in life.
 Love that I got to walk through graduation with this one by my side...
she has been such a crucial part of my college life and I cant wait to walk 
next to her on her wedding day this fall! 
 speaking of walking in her wedding...here is the beautiful couple!
 This is Chris Adams and this photo perfectly encapsulates his personality!
 My sweet Natty sue will be graduating this December and will become the most
amazing nurse. She has the biggest heart to serve those in need and i cant wait 
till she gets to walk across that stage!
 Sarah klapp!!! this girl
 Kimi FISCHHHHERRR. my girl. one of my closet friends and a huge blessing to
have in my life. Cannot wait to visit her when she moves into our house next year!
 Liana and I love the fact that we both have the BEST sisters! 
dont we look like...cousins? haha
 Met this one freshman year and knew she would hold a very special place
in my heart. We served two summer at Forest Home together, she was my roommate
last year and supported me as an RA, we are roommates now and I consider
her Dad my second family...this one is stuck with me for life!
 Kari Bouw! all star human right here...one of the most well rounded people..
Kari's off to PT school in Denver and has been such a great friend over these past four years. love ya!
 my girl Anneke..from basketball class freshman year to visiting her hometwon
in Chicago...I have loved being in her life. Not sure if anyone makes me laugh
as much as she does and i'm pumped to visit her next year when she is the 
grad intern for our High Sierra program! 
 what would I do without these two?? They have pointed me to Jesus over and 
over again and have been the most constant supporters in my life. They are amazing.
Its hard to find the words to express my gratitude for their support not only
financially, but through prayer, words of encouragement, laughter, love...thank you mom and dad!
 Scotty boy...past resident from last year and one great guy. Apparently he found my face 
cut-outs on the field and was running around with them. Scott has one more year at APU
and is not only a brilliant student, but also a solid friend and man of God!
 Julia! so much fun with this girl! 
 Jamarko...another past resident who is the best! 
 haha two of APU's finest men. Cant wait to see where they end up in life!
 and of course they got a shot with mom. Their idea!
 Kimi and Sarah...a crazy duo that I love so much. Also, I look like i'm in a sorority
but those letters are for Lamda Pi Eta, the communication honors society!
 Anna, Nati, me, Emmy, Megan, and Anneke
 haha so excited
we are all such tomboys...so fun to all be in dresses!
 mr colton manly! This guy has been such a solid friend over the years. 
He is so intentional, so chill and one of the easiest people to talk to
He's off to wander the world and Lord knows he's going to have an adventurous life
cant wait to visit him in Molokai, Haiti, South Africa..and wherever!
 I made it!
my brother in law is the best. He helped me out so much...walking around taking photos
all day and was so helpful in the midst of chaos! haha. thanks ant - you rock!

So thankful for everyone...and most of all thankful for the GOOD LORD
who blesses us over and over and over...and even in the midst of our doubt or fear
or worries...floods us with LOVE and love...Praise Him!

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