videos worth watching.

stumbled across a few gems on the internet recently...in the form of awesome videos..
so thought i'd share them with you. sorry for the video dumpage...theyre all so good!!

1. if only I had a phantom camera....

2. kind of hard to believe. is this even real life?!? 

3. could never do this. but its pretty sick to watch...

4. this is MAD talent. also...im thinkin his hand must have been cramping a lot...

5. so I know most of you know how much I hate bird...especially in this capacity...but this is a straight up phenomenon...UN REAL! 

6. wish I found out about these sooner..would have been my Christmas present to everyone..haha

7. soulful voices..LOVE! 

8. AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST...flashback to my childhood... 

1 comment:

  1. good job pickin these vids! they are all spectacular. i watched them all...even good old xenon (zenon?). hahaha i was dying, "nebula!" "zedus lapedus!" "someone better come up here before i get COMPLEX!" i mean who says that? only our childhood heroes i guess.

    miss you :)