Christmas Chaos.

Christmas Chaos is one of the biggest events ResLife puts on during the school year!
It's basically a huge Christmas party with booths with games, snacks, live performances, a parade (more on that later), prizes, and fun fun fun! All of the RA's put this event on...and boy was it chaotic..but so fun!!

 Megan and Nati dressed up as Whos...hhHAHAHA 
 Katelyn and I decided to be 'presents' eh eh??
 Who hair. 
 the boys of Smith performed a animatronic Christmas song performance. HILARIOUS.  
 wouldnt be APU without some live music
 Grandma (Carissa) reading the children a story...
 ice sculpting! weeeeeee!
 more Who hair
 BEST IDEA EVER: so...our contribution to Christmas Chaos was to be the parade. Yes, thats right. a parade. So instead of the traditional parade...we decided to do more of a float. and the best part of it...we bought A BUNCH of stuffed animals from the thrift store and used a water balloon slingshot to fling them into the crowd. PEOPLE WENT CRAZY. hahaha 
 Mr and Mrs Coug. 
 she's sassy.
 getting ready to fling off the animals. haha
 here we come!
 CHAOS. foreahhl. 
 another cool event was 'Soarin over APU'. Someone videotaped walking/skateboarding around places at school and put it all together in a video. Like soaring over Cali at Disneyland. Anyway..best part is that during the scene when they show you going into the freshmen boys dorm they spray AXE body spray hHAAH...and then when they show you going into the girl dorm they spray febreez. HAHAH love it. 
 gospel choir. 
 the hip hop dance team killin it!

It was definitely Chaos. setting up from 10am until 5pm....playing games etc until 9pm...then clean up until 1030. CHAOS. but so so so so fun. 


  1. I couldn't help but think that there wouldn't have been half as many pics in the days of film. Isn't digital photography the greatest? Looks as if a fun time was had by all.

  2. ahhhhh that looks soooo fun!!

  3. Does this happen like this every year? Looks like so much fun!

  4. Does this happen like this every year? Looks like so much fun!