Christmas part 2: Christmas morning

Christmas morning...ahhh...I can just taste the coffee cake and hot chocolate in the morning. 
This Christmas ran a little different. Woke up, waiting for R+J+baby to come over, Grandma and Grandpa came over as well, and then we all enjoyed a little breakfast cooked up by mom (of course) We had eggs, sausage, really yummy coffee cake and all the sweets from friends and family. We waited a little longer for Stac and Ant to come back from church and then...time for presents! After all the unwrapping, Russ D and I headed off the the Laker game (thanks Dad) and in proper Laker-Christmas-Day-fashion..the lost. But hey, it was so fun to be there with my bros on Christmas day. Next time Kobe.
anyway..this year Hunter got a car from his great-grandpa Sumio and it sure was a hit! haha.
so much fun having the little man around...and I cant wait till he gets a little older and can really be excited for Santa! all in all...and wonderful Christmas morning.
one more post coming (Christmas with the Hiranos) :) 

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