I like my staff.

Being on a team with these beautiful people this semester has been nothing short of an adventure. 
When I think about it... God has really blessed me with GREAT teams in the past. My amazing Yonsei team who (after 7 years of friendship continue to have Christmas parties!), four years of awesome student council in HS, two of the BEST summer staffs at camp...and how an entire year with these RAD PEOPLE! The Lord has really allowed me to be on some incredible teams...teams that  work hard, laugh hard, pray hard, and just loveee God and each other.

I'm bias when I say that...we are the BEST staff on campus.
I have so much fun with these people...and tonight we had the RA Christmas party (pirate themed, of course) then we spent the night at Chaili's house watching the news, drinking hot chocolate, and talking about how much we're going to miss each other over break. haha. Good news is that after a nice time at home, we're all heading down to SD for our staff retreat before the start of the next semester!! cant wait.

so thank you Jesus for blessing me with these ridiculously-funny-beautiful people!! 

 all of us..minus Kelly and Chris. 

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  1. Yes, you have been truly blessed. And I'm sure that you have also been a blessing to those around you. The way you all enjoy one another's company is so evident, even with Chris, who seems to be missing yet again.