twenty years on this earth. WOW. what a ride it's been. 
today was such a blessing..and I have some pretty amazing people in my 
life who continue to show me the love of Christ through the way they love Him and me! DEFINITELY BLESSED. 

 my residents made me this yummy cake at 12am of my bday. 
joy joy joy!!!
 also, SHOUT OUT to mom and dad for my  new lens!! 
this puppy rocks. 
 thanks to my roommie for staying up late to decorate our apt so when I woke up in the A.M it was a mass of streamers, balloons..the works. 
 Thanks you Lam fam! this package made my day.
 side note: the winds were ridiculous last night.
knocked over all the umbrellas, trees everywhere...our poor pool got demolished!
 as you can tell. this strawberry was mighty fine.
 after class we just HAD to go to one of my favorite places to go...THRIFT STOREEE!!!
 always an abundance of work out track suits. glorious 
 baby polos/flannel get me every time
 best purchase of the day. 4 bucks for this rad frame. 
 NATIJANE! she got me these sick shoes...that I'm pretty sure were made for me.
the colors. the pattern. I just about freaked! 
 and this lens..I cant get over it. that FOCUS. I dont even know how I did that! but I like it!
 also, Natijane made me this awesome mug that we had been eyeing on pintirest. 
Liana bought this journal (while I was with her at the store..but she said it was for her "sister"..suuuuure) and spent this past week passing it around to a bunch of my favorite people to sign and write ridiculously nice things in them for me! UNREAL! ahhh. I just about cried reading them...from my residents, to my girlfriends, to my staffies at camp...my heart felt so much love!! It's the gifts like that...that mean the most. I am SO blessed by the people the Lord has allowed me to be surrounded by.
 I don't deserve this...but that's why JESUS IS SO RAD!!! 

so thank you all, for the birthday wishes, the amount of food I consumed today, the words of encouragement, the texts, emails, calls, hugs...and for celebrating the big 2-0 with me! The Lord..He is so good to us!


  1. Tears...so touching..

    What amazing friends you are blessed with!

    Did you get the snowman?

  2. new lens..whoa fancypants! we need to see penny glow - now! love your gifts sissy