Christmas part 1: the Komae's

 Once again, Komae Christmas was at Uncle Glenn and Auntie Stephs house and the tables were decked out! We ate some really really good food (famous potatoes)...did our gift exchange...chased the kids around..and then played a few good rounds of telephone pictionary. 
 Eve being a good big sis to Viv
 Eve and her great grandma
 Hunty, mom and Vivien 
 little Mimi so cute! 
Hunty matching uncle D
all the great grandkids!  
 Grandpa and his old (very old) camera
 soup in a cup

great time with the Komae side of the family. It's crazy how the family is growing...with 6 great grandkids plus all the cousins and spouses...loud and fun!

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  1. Great pics! I especially liked the one of the great-grandkids.