goin a little crazy..

Never a dull moment with this one. 
(our matching was completely coincidental. CALI shirt + black sweat pants. meant to be!)
we've been at my apt all night trying to get this research paper done. 
so far...Nati has done WORK. I, on the other hand, have 'pinned' some more (on pinterest), listened to Grandma's 85 rap that the cousins did a few years back, made a cake (funfetti!), talked with a few residents...and...yupp thats about it!. Lord knows I have a hard time staying focused when all I WANNA DO I HANG OUTT AND BE ON BREAKKYY! hahah.  Two more days till complete freedom. In the mean time I shall try and enjoy the next few days at school before we are all separated for a few weeks :( But I can't wait to lay in my own bed, have a fridge stocked with food, play with Hunter, eat real food...and have FREE laundry! YIPPEEE!

love my natijane!

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  1. How come Nati's shirt doesn't have Azusa Pacific on it?