what a splendid/relaxing/wowSUCHniceWEATHER kind of weekend
 before the madness of reality (aka school work) hits. :)
This weekend the roommates and I decided to go on a lil' adventure down in Pasadena to check out a new coffee shop. I went on Yelp and came across this place : Jameson Brown 
Walked in...and loved it! Mostly for the fact that 1) it wasn't crowded 2) the ladies working were so laid back and nice 3) the coffee had coolest names like "lavender breve latte"

ordered. sat down. sipped on our coffee. people watched. and cracked open our books for a good read.

They brew all their own coffee (whatever that means) (im not good with coffee lingo) and it was delish!
yummm. They even made a semi-attractive fancy coffee swirl!
I was able to read more of The Cost Of Discipleship by Dietrich Boenhoeffer that i've been chewing on for a while now. I bought the book last semester and i've been taking it slow...because it is a lot to take in. Boenhoeffer does not mess around! More to come in regards to that book later.

Sat. night after some great coffee + reading + walking around old town Pas....mom and dad came to watch some APU BBALL ...wassssup. 

Prayer circle before the game v. Hope
Girls whooped up on Hope and despite the lack of a crowd (so sad) it was fun being their with mom and dad to show some good old fashion support for the cougs!

much respect to MLK. 
mini roadtrip to Pismo beach with sissy then back to a busy week.

((p.s all photos taken and edited on my (oh so lovely) iphoneeeee))

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  1. Pismo Beach was once renowned for the ready availability of CLAMS, but alas, no longer. So are you going in the hope of having some CLAM CHOWDER???? Maybe you can stop at Andersen's(sp?) for some split pea soup on the way. Actually, I don't know if I'd call this a "mini" road trip. Looks kind of far to me!