remember when...

(I love trips. I love airports. People watching. taking pictures of places i've never been etc. So expect some upcoming posts from me of trips I've taken and my favorite pictures from them. I'll call them the "remember when..." posts. this being the first of many... yayyy!

...we were little high schoolers who played basketball every weekend and thought wearing socks with mini denim skirts was cute? (mistake.)

 (circa 2006.)

We have come a long way from then.
Our Yonsei team had a reunion before I came back to school. This year marks 6 years of knowing each other and it's crazy thinking that we all met wanting to play basketball in Japan together as awkward little 8th graders. At our party this year we got a CD of picture from our 2009 Hawaii trip after graduation. 
So I thought i'd reminisce some good ol' memories with the crew in hawaii.

muha me and matt. my NT buds, my hapa buds,some of my all time favs!

Some of the girls at the outdoor market. 
lynz muha kara ito me.  we are livin the dream!

The infamous Hanauma bay. 
hahah oh how we love to snorkel for sea turtles.

my guuuurl muha. @ the north shore bra


steph lynz and I at the top of Diamond head.
love this view. 


AHHHH....so many amazing times with this group. 
This trip to hawaii was awesome. Best graduation gift. 

I love my team. I love them for keeping it REAL, for always being down to be silly over being serious, for planning our trips around what food we would eat, and for being awesome teammates, friends, and family. LOVE IT!
 well for some reasons there is never a dull moment when we're together...even if we haven't seen each other in a year or so. I love my y12's...next trip..Disney cruise? haha

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  1. This should be a fun series to keep an eye out for.