Today I had: small group comm, philosophy, i'm heading off to comm theory at 2:45 and then i'm trying to crash a leadership class with Stacie Champine at 4:10....
For those reasons (and many more) I have deactivated my facebook...hoorayyy!!!

What this means for me: no more fb. deactivating means I can log back in whenever and have my fb just like it used to be....but as of now it's as if my facebook page never existed! 
I am happy about this for many reasons. One being fb doesnt really do much for me. Besides distract me, it also makes me constantly ask myself, "what will my next default picture be?"

also, I'm all about embracing friendships via other ways of communication. I.E phone talks, texts, emails, REAL life in PERSON conversations...you know. hah

so it is deactivated folks. Expect to hear from me no longer on fb (until I feel like going back)
This lovely blog here will be one form of communication I have with the cyber world.


  1. Facebook is over-rated. It's great for people trying to connect over the miles, but mostly it just ends up being a place to snoop on other people. I much prefer reading your blogspot and learning about what God is teaching you in the midst of life!