So yesterday I decided to email two of my most-favorite people: Liana and Nati!
Liana is currently studying abroad in South Africa and Nati (short for Natalie) is in Australia :)
I miss them both dearly and wanted to make sure they were safe and that they knew I missed 'em!
I woke up this morning to their emails back to me and IT MADE MY DAY!
These girls are just so in love with Jesus and I love them for that.

From Nati to me "The time He wants with you is worth giving up everything in the world." 
Even a bazillion miles away they are inspiring me to know Him more. Love it.

(That's Natie on the left. She's great. Excuse my creeper/weird face and strange outfit haha)


  1. I'm wondering if Liana is anywhere neare Jay and Sarah Gerhart. jaygerhart@oci.org. That would be so cool if she could meet them!

  2. inspirations for sure! study abroad or YWAM!!! whoo hoo