Last week I went back to Forest Home for a little reunion with a few of the people I worked with all last summer at camp. Here's a pic of us with our Big God books...thanks Britt! 

So anyway, at our reunion we talked about school, ate a lot of great food cooked by the amazing Ed (chef), reminisced on old times at camp, had a late night rock wall and zip lineing sesh, played the game of 'sign' until 2 am..you get the idea. But what struck me the most during our reunion...something I haven't stopped thinking about since..was the worship we had Wednesday night. My friend Jojosh lead us in the set, and the spirit of God was so present in that room. We sang a song by the United Pursuit Band..and I immediately came home and downloaded 3 of their tracks.

Here's one of them called "running in circles." Gosh, I can't even begin to talk about how much truth is in this song right here, especially in my life. Anything that brings me closer into the presence of God and the Holy Spirit is anything GREAT! so check this song out and let the worship begin :) 


  1. I dig it Komae! Can't wait to read more... If your up for it, check out my blog...