A few weeks ago my dear friend and college roommate -Natty Sue- emailed me telling me her and two of our friends, Danielle and Bre, would be in Jinja for a weekend. I knew I couldnt pass up the opportunity to meet up with them. I mean, how often are you in Uganda with your college roomie? Right. The journey from Gulu to Jinja is quite extensive...as in...a 7 hour bus from Gulu to Kampala, a boda ride to the matatu (taxi) station, then a 2 hour matatu from Kampala to Jinja, then one more boda to the hotel. Lucky for me, I got to do all of this solo! The rest of my friend were meeting up with us a day later. anyway....after a long journey I was so thankful to see some familiar faces and to give natty sue a big hug. love that girl.

Rafting the Nile goes down in the books as one of the crazier things i've done in life. Maybe the craziest. The company we went with did a really good job with the whole day. Feeding us, making sure we felt safe, throwing in a few jokes here and there to keep the mood light, and taking photos for us to remember the day. I would 100% recommend this to anyone near East Africa - its an incredible experience! 

I'm just glad I got to do it with a crew of some of my favorite people! 

All my roommate were able to meet up with us to raft : Travis, Maddy, Syd and Charissa
in the back and the front row is Danielle, Bre, myself, and Natty! 
They fed us fresh fruit and Rolex's (breakfast burritos) for breakfast
Our raft guide was Davey, a scottish man who has lived in Uganda for 9 years. This was the one waterfall we went down and at this moment I was having a blast! 
Okay..this was our first flip. Not gunna lie...flipping over in the nile river is a scary feeling haha. I'm pretty sure at this moment I was thinking.. "OH GOD PLEASE NO.." hahaha
White water rafting!
catching some air
I think this was on our last rapid and this flip was pretty fun. The scary part of flipping over is that, if you dont hold onto the raft, you can start floating down the river and "end up in Cairo" lol. So I was just holding on for dear life to that raft!
After a long day of rafting we stayed at a hotel then woke up at 5am to catch the post bus back to Gulu

*also for those of you who don't know, my face has experience some crazy allergic reaction and has been swollen the past two days. I went to the clinic this morning and was given some creme and medicine to take and so far the swelling has subsided a bit. The real bummer is that i've missed the past few days of work and I've been resting at home and icing my face rather than spending that time with the women at work! But God works all things for his good and i'm feeling a lot of peace about my last 4 days in Gulu! Thank you for those who have been praying - God is good - and i'll be home on Tuesday!

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