Mzungo Oscar party

Mzungo is what they call white people here in Uganda (the children call us munu, pronounced mono) and there are a lot of us here. Most of us either work with Krochet Kids, 31 Bits, Invisible Children, Restore leadership Academy, or are teachers at various schools. Its pretty awesome having so many ex-pats out here and we all got together this past weekend to have an Oscar themed murder mystery party at Bomah Hotel. Everyone was given characters to come as and I had the privilege of being "Pappi Razzi" and documenting the night haha. 

Sometimes it seems surreal that such a random group of Americans (and British) are gathered in the middle of Eastern Africa. Its hard to imagine how we all found ourselves here in this group of crazy, adventurous, fun loving, hard working, twenty-something-year olds from around the globe. But I love how random it is and how I've not only made friends from Gulu but also : Washington, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, and the UK! 

Praise God for randomly awesome friendships. 

 Steffi Wood and Angel Wood. Sisters who secretly despise eachother
 teen pop star, rapper, lead singer, and journalist 

 Dan played a legit security guard haha
 the boy band is back together! 
 T REDD with the two hottest teen pop stars
 hearing instructions on how to guess who is to blame for the crime
 Beau our fearless MC
 LUCAS...or sorry...Brady Comeback DID IT!
 Rachel wins best dressed chicka. She got this dress made in town (yes made). She said she just google searched "best oscar dress" and this was the first one to pop up. I hope this dress stays around for a while and makes an appearance at Halloween - its that good! 
 Ben, or rather, T REDD, wins for best dressed guy. He got this huge puffy jacket at the marker and i'm pretty sure he wore those sun glasses all night lol
Brady Comeback and Angel Wood lol 

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