the last of Gulu

Tomorrow morning my roommate Charissa and I are heading the 7 hr back down to Kampala to spend a day resting before heading to the airport late Monday night. Charissa is headed to Gabon (west africa) for a week to visit friends and i'm headed back, back, to Cali Cali! It's pretty surreal packing up and saying bye to the town and these people and i've realized that 3 months is just the tip of the iceberg really. I told my roommates (who are all here another 3 mo) that i'm going to be living vicariously through them as they continue to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Lucky for me, I got to spend my last two days in Gulu at Fort Patiko - basically a huge hill where you can camp out and get an insane view of the sunrise. Our two friends, Tony and Eric, drove us out there and made sure we had a legitimate fire. *side note, Eric -the one in the photo with Maddy and I- is a world champion kickboxer. no joke. He's training right now for nationals as well as the olympic qualifiers. In a few weeks he's headed off to Greece to fight some Ukranian or something and ultimately wants to open a kickboxing gym in Northern Uganda to get kids off the streets and into a disciplined sport. coolest dude ever! Definitely feel safe around Eric and Tony haha.

Well its sad to say bye to this place and the beautiful people that call it home...but I know God has great things in store. His timing is always perfect so i'm following His lead and heading back home to share with everyone what Uganda has taught me! This has been one heck of an adventure and I praise God for all His mercy along the way. In a few short days i'll be back home...i'll finally get to meet my nephew Camden...i'll get to take a hot shower...and i'll get to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings!!! STOKED AND THANKFUL, ALWAYS.


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  1. Enjoyed taking a bit of the ride with you through your blog and pics, Amie! Another amazing adventure you've had with many more to come, I'm certain. Glad to see that you look healthy and well here, too. Looking forward to hearing from you in person sometime soon. Praying for traveling mercies on your way home.