My brother jokes that I'm living in a dream state of life...HAHA which I cannot argue against. Since arriving home from Uganda it has been celebration after celebration and i'm loving every minute of it! 

People always ask me what i'm planning to do for work, or what this next year will look like for me...and one big thing living in Africa for 3months taught me was that you can't plan too far in the future - for each day presents itself as a day to be faithful to the will of God and to follow where He leads that day! So I know there are great things ahead, and don't worry, I pray daily for doors to open for a full time job..but for now I get to celebrate the joys all around me and lean into God's faithfulness to lead me on to the next!!

 Spent some quality time with the best thing to come out of working at Lululemon - Maggie! 
Such a blessing to have met this lady at work and to have seen an awesome friendship blossom out of it! We ate acai bowls and kettle corn at the beach and talked about the things the Lord is teaching us and the ways we are being stretched to grow more like him! 
 This week I was able to spend some time in SanDiego with Natijane before she gets married IN ONE WEEK! We ate mexican food at one of our favorite beaches and caught up on all the time we've spent apart these past 3 months 
 love this chicka 
 Auntie duty! Went to the Zoo with Jen, Camden, and Hunter on Friday on my nanny duties. 
I also realized that being a mother is exhausting...and this realization occurred after we came home from the zoo and I literally could not keep my eyes open while sitting on the couch holding camden. oops.
CATS HAVING A BABY! Spent today out in SB celebrating this lovely lady and her little bun in the oven. Cat is due at the end of June and I couldn't be more excited for her and Trevor to raise up this little kid because I already know he is going to be so rad! Thankful to have walked through many stages of life with Cat...freshman year of college, roommates sophomore year, her engagement, being a bridesmaid in her wedding (the same day Hunter was born), her graduation from school, and now her stepping into motherhood! A truly special friend.

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