the journey home

ahhhh...can you believe it? I've made it home! What a journey to get here - nothing short of adventurous (and long) but I wouldnt trade it for anything. There is no doubt that traveling to the other side of the world is extremely exhausting, long, crazy, and always a bit stressful. But for some reason I love it all. The waiting in the airport, the people watching, the movies on the flight, and even the airplane food (love all the tiny portions lol!) So this journey home was long - but so fun!

 6 hour car ride from Gulu to Kampala. Couldnt go without a last sip of Novida pineapple soda!
 Had a day to shop around Kampala! crafts galore! 
 First flight. Entebbe Uganda --> Istanbul Turkey.
7 hours and I had the whole row to myself! Hallelujah
 2 hour layover in Istanbul and the first Starbucks i've seen all trip! I will admit that I did smile upon seeing this familiar sign and ordered a coffee frapp! 
 a powerful book. heavy read, but incredibly insightful...a book that is changing the world!
 view from the second flight...Istanbul Turkey --> LAX!
13 hours of pure glory. Watched a few movies, befriended a Turkish guy named Giohan 
 HOME!!! BOBS HAWAIIAN with mom and dad. yummmmm
Finally got to meet my nephew CAMDEN!

And now i'm off to one of my best friend's weddings! Abbie and I were college roommates freshman and sophomore year of college. She is one of my favorite people and I am so thankful I get to stand beside her as she marries her high school sweet heart Jake! Love this girl and I'm glad the journey home was timely because I wouldnt have missed her big day for anything!!

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